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  1. For the record,, far as Dunny being a liar. well .. I wish I could say I know him to only tell the truth. .. But that itself would not be fact. Him telling me "I'll just put the tip in" was nothing more than an old fashion bold face flat out LIE!!!!
  2. Months ago I opened my own business here in Houston, no one online knew/knows (till now). I am so very grateful that I have so much work it keeps me busy more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week,.. and have a full schedule two weeks in advance. With such a good thing happening in my life it does not feel right to complain. BUT... I do often catch myself complaining, and pouting, cause I don't have much time to listen to the shows, or even participate on RangersChat at all much these days. I had came here to give the members here on Rangers Media a great big "THANK YOU!!" .... You guys here are just a wonderful bunch, and with you all helping spread the RangersChat word, and dropping in now and then we were able to pass 1 million site hits, 1 Million show listens, and just showing that when a site really is "for the people, by the people" it will succeed! ... then I read this thread and seems I missed more than I even knew I missed, and that "happy, happy, happy, YAYYYYYYYYY" smile I had on my face has melted. Think I will go kill myself now.. love you guys!!.. miss you all .. and even with the stuff it seems is going on I still would like to think you all here at Rangers Media, members and staff, for the past help and support us at RangersChat have received from you all! ... xxx
  3. i am planning to be over there in december and i hope to fuck i go to jail,, i paln to stand in from of the methadome and sing "fuck the pope" .. they aint seen shit till they seen a loud mouth mexican getting arrested.. my mouth alone will have them wanting to send me home rather than jail,, but best believe ill be setting in court with a rangerschat.com t shirt on.. and my only comment in court will be "RANGERSCHAT.COM YOUR HONOR!"
  4. lets be honest some people did like it more cause it was over the top, crazy, funny, and crossing the line,, but one thing it was NOT which it is now is a real RANGERS call in show.. now it is how it is suppose to be if it is gonna be called "RANGERS Call In" fox and ian do a wonderful job at doing a show that the fans love and how it is suppose to be done a way we could had never done it,, i mean ffs we had porn video stars call into the show!!
  5. with todays verdict being what it was,, yeah you can bet i am gonna try everything i can to make those cunts misrible!! hows it feel to live in 30's era Germany?? #freelimmy
  6. yes limmy and i started rangerschat.com and started the rangers call in show,, all we did was make her tim of the day and joked about everyone show tweet her and tell her to get fucked,, then that homosexual tranny shagger tomo got involved and gave her channel 4 news to use as a platform to play vicTIM and cry and say how abused and scared she was... then they said they turned all the shows and the sites content over to the police,, limmy got arrested and they had a couple lawyers email me about suing me for damages and all sorts of shit if i mention her again,, yet they and others continue to use content that i own the legal rights to,, without giving rangerschat due credit, or without permission,, and in the short of it stealing revenue from the site due to traffic to profit off their own blogs and such,,, fucking scum i tell ya!
  7. HEY GUYS RANGERSCHAT NEEDS YOUR HELP!... We use dropbox to store the archives so they are downloadable for you all to enjoy in mp3 format, Drop dox offers a referal program where they give us space if you use our link http://db.tt/MYFbSLUb to join.. we could buy more space cause we are running out but if you take a second and just sign up for free we can help curve some of the running cost, every little bit helps. Now for us to get the credit you must join, confirm and install dropbox. It is a safe program and comes in very handy to anyone who wishes to share files. So if you could please take a minute or 2 and sign up and install with this link http://db.tt/MYFbSLUb thank you all... Tommy P.S. I miss interacting with you guys on the show during the week, but i do listen and will always be around in the morning and weekends.
  8. The past year at http://www.rangerschat.com has been wonderful, I got to meet so many of you wonderful people. I will be saying good bye today to you all far as the weekly shows go, I want you to know I had a wonderful time and I wll miss each and everyone of you! Fox will be testing his setup throughout the day today so if you can give the guy a hand. There will also be a few things he will learn as he goes so please bare with the guy he is new to the production part. He will do fine and the show is in great hand so give the guy your support please, he is doing a great thing standing up to take over the show for just the love of doing it and the love of the club. I will miss you all, Love you guys xxx Tommy ... p.s. I will call in when I can.
  9. nahh just login you will be fine,, the lobby and radio dont eat really any bandwith at all to be honest
  10. it is a 2 hour show,, but sometimes we go over,, and just so you know the lobby and radio are all 24 hours
  11. such kind words and i take this as your honest opinion ,, thank you very much, it is people feeling like this that makes the work that goes into the site such fun and worth doing
  12. My little babies are going up so fast http://youtu.be/Wc94WGR6nFA
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