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  1. The googly-eyed presenter, and the two no-mark pundits wanked themselves stupid to it. Selective editing at it's finest.
  2. He really has had an excellent season. The manager obviously saw something in him, by giving him the armband at the start of the season.
  3. This is our house. I hope we never let the bastards beat us in our own den.
  4. That's shite, leaving Bears outside to fend for themselves. Staff should be ashamed.
  5. The day this fixture becomes meaningless, is the day you hand in your bear card and go rock up at Firhill.
  6. I'd rather listen to her instead of that other gooner cunt Ian Wright.
  7. As an Iron, I hope the Baku polis win against the Chavski rentboys and Woolwich gypos. ⚒️
  8. I'll let the lovely Lisa finish it off...
  9. Go take our sons and tell the hün that we are on our way...
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