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  1. Well done NI. Better late than never. A wee bonus with the Czechs dropping a couple of points as well.
  2. They've won 3 out of the last 4 and are the first team to defend their CL crown.
  3. He was viciously assaulted by a deadly feather.
  4. Marcelo had a word in his ear. Probs telling him to stay down and roll about a bit.
  5. What happened to good ol' Italian defending? Ronaldo anticipating the cross, whilst the Juve defender's ball watching.
  6. How unlucky are Juve with deflections? That was right in the corner.
  7. Anyone remember buying those Subbuteo team packs with Rangers, who could also be used as Chesterfield or Valerenga iirc. I never could bring myself to buy the Celtic/Shamrock Rovers pack, so it was always Rangers against Aberdeen in our house.
  8. I'd love to see Gigi lift ol' big ears tonight (and no I don't mean Gary Lineker).
  9. It's like when you first beat yer Dad at something. Sad to see, but I suppose he is human after all. I bet he can still outdrive me in that state.
  10. I read about him a while back, his name's Brian Wright and he's a snooker-loopy sky blue who's been going to The Crucible for years. I think he bought a life ticket when he first started going way back. He always wears a different Cov City shirt for each tournament.
  11. Nice clean simple design, with a darker shade of red. Dare I say, it's almost the same shade as their Mancunian rivals. I wish they'd lose the L.F.C. from underneath the Liver Bird though.
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