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  1. It's kinda sad seeing the stadium looking as empty as that. Wenger surely must know his time's up now.
  2. Surprise, surprise. The ref gets his card out, when it's one of ours.
  3. I was expecting to see Miller on the bench. He must still be in the dog house.
  4. I think I’ll just stick to cheering on the rugby team from now on. At least they can reach a World Cup.
  5. It certainly would, but there's a fine line between asking fans to support the club by buying merchandise, and ripping the arse out of it.
  6. The feel-good factor after renegotiating the retail deal has since went sour. You would have thought the fans’ loyalty and patience would’ve been rewarded in kit prices, but nope it’s stump up or fuck off.
  7. £39.99 should be the RRP for the away/third shirts. The home shirt should be £19.99. They seem to think fans are made of money these days.
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