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  1. Haha i though i was going off my head. Typed it out and must have counted it 20 times to see if a had somehow counted it wrong!
  2. Brechin 1. East Fife 2. East Stirling 1. Falkirk 2. Elgin 2. QoS 1. Montrose 1. Motherwell 1. Queens Park 2. Clyde 1. 14.
  3. McCulloch doesn't have 15 goals.
  4. He's getting abuse on here though. Doesn't matter if it's here or at the game.
  5. If this was meant to be for me yes i was there and yes i was freezing too. I stood there and watch McCulloch fluff 8 shots before he finally scored. Don't recall hurling abuse at him though!
  6. Yes, i do think people give a fuck about the Jelavic tackle as it has been mentioned in this thread.
  7. This. If the Jelavic tackle hadn't be on Jelavic and had be infact done to Scott Brown or the likes, everyone would hail him as a hero.
  8. For the record, I didn't say out fans weren't loyal. Someone said Black should be paying the fans with performances on the pitch and yes he should but if someone is big enough to dish him abuse they should be big enough to take retaliation instead of running on here and talking about it. If people actually got off his back maybe he'd start doing a job. There were far worse players today so why not pick on them?! You started your shite with the kitchen patter and guess what? I followed in Black's footsteps & retaliated. If you can give it out, be prepared to take it back.
  9. I hurled abuse at you for the simple fact you spouted "kitchen, cleaning" patter. I have a season ticket and pay good money to see Rangers. I'm allowed an opinion too. You say watch my mouth then say horrible stuff back. Pot called kettle Black, funnily enough.
  10. Listen to the fans that were there and experienced this imposters pouting. - Hahahahahahaha i was there you mug. Get to fuck. Silly cunt.
  11. If you can dish it out. Learn to take it back.
  12. Get off his back for fuck sake. There were players worse than him today. We won, why bicker with each other?
  13. I just seen some fucker saying "most loyal fans in the world" .. Loyal fans don't abuse their own players. Fuck sake.
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