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  1. I didn't get an email either, just logged onto my Rangers account and I purchased 2 tickets for me and my kid.
  2. I couldn't tick the box either, they never send me out renewal forms, they only send one out for my kid, so I go to the TO and renew both each year, and I have said loads of times about it and still it hasn't worked. But that's the first ballot in years I haven't got a ticket.
  3. That's what I thought, but I had to log in and try anyway.
  4. Yea me too, thats me logged on 3 times same message but cannot buy.
  5. My online account says I have been successful in the ballot but I can't buy them.
  6. I have the same thing. But I didn't get an email
  7. It's now on the Bbc political page Murdo Fraser quoted of saying this is disappointing and needs looking into and asked the snp to do so.
  8. The last time I was their ,it was the metal support beams that blocked your view, you just have to move your head a bit.
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