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  1. never had any problems with it on RTV (Worldpay)
  2. Payment is taken on a different system who says you cant use your card in a different country?
  3. So Sorry but as above this is me too if i find any change down the back of the sofa u can gladly have it
  4. Funny to me as the taxi driver i got last night from Maryhill Road not only looked like him but sounded the same as the tim I knew he was deffo a tim when he puit on radio clyde super scoreboard nae tip for him
  5. 1 Jan 1983 V them at Ibrox got beat 1-2 was in the mainstand near the directors box Don't remember who scored just Kenny Black hitting the post from about 6 inches out when he should have scored
  6. Hi U obvs never watched us in the early 80's where a 5-1 tanking from the sheep was common nevermind "Them"
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