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  1. If we are going to win the trophy we are gong to have to beat the better teams at some point. So might as well have a harder semi...
  2. Stands at Parkpaed looked to be about 65 to 70% full given the swathes of green seats on display. Begs the question just how many season tickets did they actually sell.
  3. That was possibly the least entertaining half of football I have ever soon including games down the local park. St J are a disgrace coughing up 80% possession on their own patch - just embarrassing. Hopefully Wright can come and inject some pace and endeavour going forward.
  4. This place is bonkers We win comfortably or get pumped depending on whether one player is available!!!!....Take a step back - we are by far the best side they will have encountered this season and their defence is well ropey. Massive test for them in front of 52k hostile Bears. Can't see anything other than a Gers win regardless of one or 2 enforced changes.🇬🇧
  5. 91.2% of percentage statistics are made up on the spot...
  6. Despite the two defeats, the good news is that - provided we overcome Malmo ar Ibrox - we won't have suffered any real damage. Let's have faith in the management and players to use these minor set-backs as a spur in the coming weeks. I for one have every confidence that the team will come storming back starting on Tuesday night.
  7. VID-20210711-WA0002.mp4
  8. Brilliant video. Sooner we get back to domestic matters and bin squabbling about Engerland the better!
  9. So to summarize - the biggest under-achievers in world football squeezed past a country with a tenth of the population thanks to an OG and a blatant piece of cheating to join the great pantheon of European finalists like Greece and Denmark. Bet Italy can't believe their luck.
  10. Two fascinating semi finals coming up. For tempo, spirit and entertainment, Italy v. Denmark would make the best final for the purists but Spain and England could well upset the apple-cart.
  11. It is a very nice top but could have been stunning with just a couple of tweaks - gold to white and ribbon in the middle.
  12. Here's a sobering statistic: - Scotland has been at 11 major tournaments and won a grand total of 6 games, the same number won by Wales who have qualified for 3 major tournaments.... .. ...
  13. Some right pish being written in this thread. Wasn't that long ago we had Walter Smith and Alex McLeish at the helm and 5 or 6 Gers players as first picks. Even now - when most of Rangers squad is non Scottish there are still plenty of Bluenoses in and around the squad. There is no way I abandon my national team to the ebb and flow of politics or the attempted hi-jacking by beardy right-on nationalists or wee anti- Rangers gimps. Time to take back the national team (and flag)and stop caving in to the haters - that is playing right into their hands.
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