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  1. Sure I read the "Light Blues" is short for " Light and Speedy Blues" - a description based on our typical early players as we couldn't compete with the big hitters in the transfer market st the time. Incidentally that sellick video with the squeaky -voiced wee lassie is cringetastic beyond parody. Surely their fans can't be naive or gullible enough not to see through the teary-eyed romanticism and see they are being played like a fiddle.
  2. If the deal for the "Greek Pep" flounders on him not having the required technical credentials, then we might just be witnessing the most incompetent attempts to secure a new manager in world footballing history.😀🇬🇧
  3. That first sentence is an ungrammatical, contorted abomination of the English language. They must employ some utter cretins in their PR Dept.😄🇬🇧
  4. Next they'll be trying to pin the "Kent Variant" on our marauding forward Ryan....
  5. Be some win for Luis Suarez following his move from Barca.
  6. Jeezo - all thinking about the party later methinks. Phew Roofe
  7. Showed this to my 8 year old daughter who verified 100% that this is a photo of Mr. Tumble aka actor Justin Fletcher!
  8. That McKay boy will shortly be yearning for the salad days of the SRU surrounded by sensible middle class Presbyterians before he stepped in to the conspiracy laden cesspit of victimization, crime and deceit that is the Bheggardome.
  9. I have found that the unwashed hordes especially dislike the "Natural Order Restored" approach to our resurgence - it must remind them of their proper place as second best. If any tech genius can come up with something along these lines it would be much appreciated.👍
  10. I see there is a show on AlJezeera (!) tonight at 10.30 about Bheggars fans....the blurb mentions politics so probably vomit-inducing, cringe-worthy, self-aggrandizing pish but might be worth a watch for mockery value.
  11. What an absolute joy to revel in the fact that - given rasellick's points per game so far of just over 2 - it is statistically very likely that they wil achieve a grand total of 80 points...enjoy the ride fellow Bears the next 2 months are going to be a joy to behold.
  12. Beggars looking a good bet now to secure second place. This has zero effect on us as we march to the title.
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