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  1. Start with full team of under 20s next game. drop all of these fucking chancers apart from mcrorrie....morelos.....john.
  2. The first 20 mins we were not shite lol.we have a new squad,apart from 2 or 3 players,things will improve hopefully.
  3. Most of these players have had 4 games together and for the first 25 mins we destroyed them. yes the second half was not good enough but I think it defo will improve.this game just came to early for us,was always going to test us as we are a new squad.
  4. Are you telling me jack getting sent off didn't change the game.
  5. This was always going to be a tricky one,came to early in season for us.Rangers players have had 4 or 5 games together it will come good.for the first 20-25 mins we battered them never let them get the ball and if millers chance had have went in off the post it was game over.the referee had it in for us from the first minute, fucking disgrace should never be in charge of a top flight game again.i just think Rangers will come good.
  6. The little mix song been in charts for 5 weeks.glad all over 1 week,so great effort from the fans,the song will keep going up.
  7. The sheep were fucking crap today we should have won that game, just canny get ma head around all these missed chances.waghorn got a hatrick against qos by playing as central striker so why play him somewhere else,moh for me is far better on the right mckay on left but it was vice versa when moh came on.never a freekick for 2nd goal, and a stupid long ball at start of second half.so hard to take.
  8. He ia a total bell end.i think he planned the lot of this, a little controversy before his book comes out, we need him away now.
  9. Wallace is too busy coaching tyne castle boys club, Edinburgh for training 2 or 3 nights a week must be affecting his rangers career.100 percent commitment to rangers or he's no good to us.
  10. Morton say they not going to park the bus.we will see.if they try to play, Rangers will destroy them. If morton do defend I think we will still take at least 4, if they open up and try to play it could be double figures.
  11. thats how I give big mohsni credit.time to start fighting back, don't let these cunts push us any longer.
  12. the cunt pushed mohsni,mohsni defended himself,then 4 motherhell players try to attack mohsni, the flare their scum had at Ibrox and at yesterday's game,threw on park.mcCulloch hit on face with a flag (and supporter got to stay in the stadium),then the haters goading Rangers fans and it's all our fault,if we done all of those things at Ibrox we get heavy fines and banning orders.your right it boils my piss also.
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