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  1. Why was the ref asked to look at our pen but not theirs for a decision??
  2. Best wishes mate. Hope all works out well for you guys.
  3. It'll just be put down to "over exuberance" at only being 1-0 down.
  4. Incredible turnaround of players since may. Knew it was a lot but when you see it written down it really brings home the amount of players that didnt have the required quality to wear a Rangers jersey. Now though different kettle of fish and after a few false dawns we are finally getting back to where we belong.
  5. ? Coincidence or are UEFA telling us something.
  6. Looks like they are out there tim stomping. Good job if you can get it.
  7. Are you a total fucking retard? You wish long term injuries on our players but call me "timmy". Maybe Dorrans wasnt the best last year but look at the improvement of Jack so perhaps Dorrans will be able to step up to the mark under Stevie. But no you would rather he be out long term and contribute nowt rather than return and give something. Fuckwit!!!
  8. F@#king awful thing to say about any Rangers player!
  9. That front line had confidence in their midfield to win balls and create. Who in turn had confidence in the back line to do their job. Footballs easier when you can trust each other. Maybe just maybe if Gerrard can get them playing and trusting each others ability then we will move forward. In the meantime your comparing apples with oranges.
  10. 100% a sending off but I don't think the ref was gonna until he sees the reaction of the tim players. Anyway no thanks as a signing.
  11. The fact is Cummings was on the park at some of those chances but wasnt in thae position that Morelos was, therefore couldn't score them. Morelos has been good for us so please don't turn against him.
  12. Yep 100%. The lad gives his all and I think can develop into a good player. If we choose not to keep him then get him through his injury as he did injure himself in doing his best for us.
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