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  1. Anyone else turned away from the Albion car park by a steward with a sign permits only and told to go to the ticket office for one at the Progres Niederkorn game. I emailed the club as there is no word of this on their website but up till now no reply.
  2. Should big ears be confiscated and all titles suspended pending the outcome of investigations? After all BJK.
  3. Spoke to John Greig at the annual morning remembrance service on Monday 2nd January at his statue and he stated that he wasnt aware of any damage to their end. Poor show from the club who had no reps there or the fans as only six of us turned up. We learned that there was a service arrenged for about 4pm. Who organised this and didn't have the decency to advise Mr Rangers or the minister in attendance in the morning.
  4. I can confirm that and thought so myself.
  5. My gripe is the thousands of tickets diverted from the fans to line the pockets of the company's that can supply tickets for matches for persons that have never supported a team in their life.As I failed to get a ticket for the final I was around Hampden from before 11am. I must have seen over 5,000 coming off there bus's with hospitality badges on depriving true supporters of access to the game.
  6. Warburton says he does not understand the reaction to Celtic beating Rangers. If he doesn't understand, whats Dave Weir being doing for the last year. He should have been well prepared for the reaction. If you are second you are last.
  7. Unfortunately My late mother saw this coming in the fifties but no one would listen to her.
  8. Its all about the Rangers. Surly your not wanting to deprive them of an education. If they are trolling on here at least the kids are safe.BJK.
  9. Barcelona, Manchester City and Borussia Monchengladbach.£99 Package RANGERS-THE WORLD'S MOST SUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL CLUB £49 Who do they think they are kidding.
  10. Another 4 views from the area and no thumb in site. Disappointed about the view but the result and atmosphere made up for it.
  11. Your right its the East Enclosure. Should have realised its the end nearest the piggery.
  12. Better the club deck than the one I got in the top corner of the West Enclosure see photo.. I had a better view of the Copland Road Stand. Couldn't see beyond the half way. Missed Naismith's goal. As it wasn't a sellout I was then offered 2 tickets restricted for the Club Deck which I took for my mates and it turned out they had a perfect view. Hope I get the Club Deck next time.
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