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  1. 4 of us flying from Liverpool-Alicante, staying in benidorm not a ticket between us either ??
  2. Next two games are massive for us
  3. Windass passenger!! Sooner hes gone he better
  4. I keep murphy not arsed about the rest
  5. Honestly lost for words on this one, think it adds to the whole circus show of bizarre appointments.. why cant we get a solid manager with a good track record? Ffs
  6. I think we should take a punt on Jordan Rossiter, the boy clearly has no playing career infront of him and it would save us money and time appointing some other dafty anyway.
  7. Kenny miller will take over for the rest of the season
  8. This fucking board man, how hard can it be to dig up a credible manager with a solid cv to manage Rangers, somehow they appoint a fucking nobody from qatar and back him with a few million. This was the end of our season before we knew it. Just imagine we had spent a chunk of our budget on a solid manager, things could be so different. We seriously have no luck when it comes to anything either. Absolute embarrassment of a football club over the recent years.. we are in danger, if not already of destroying any credibility we had left. Cheers Dave, you skint bastard.. fuck off and sell your shares & take robertson with you, queer looking weasel of a guy who spouts shite.
  9. No one wants to manage us, no one wants to buy us. We are a cancerous club from head to toe, ran by incompetent bastards.
  10. Buzzing for McInness to get annouced! No doubts in my mind hes by far the best realistic candidate at the moment. Knows the scottish league and has an eye for talent, i always think his recruitment at aberdeen has been good considering the budget. No disrespect to murty but people saying hes a better manager have to get a grip, only 2 games ago we had back to back defeats and this place was in despair. Cheers murty!
  11. You dont think a reputable manager can get more from our squad? We dont even look fit
  12. Think we have a team of decent players underperforming, dorrans jack alves morelos ect, that a good enough manager could get more from. Look at the filth, hate mentioning them but its a good example, brenda took over dialas pish poor squad basically transformed individuals (brown armstrong mcgregor ect) and signed what 2 players sinclair and dembele and they unbeatable domestically ever since. We should be investing money in a known manager
  13. What a joke we are with this guy at the helm
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