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  1. Lol. Remember to sing it's 4 lads not why don't you go home...
  2. I like the 150 year shirt, but I'm not sure I'd wear it. The offset buttons would do my head in.
  3. After Best, probably the best player I ever actually saw. Great talent,
  4. You the cop looking at the flair?
  5. It was a shady end to the game, but I felt safe. Just shows what I know.
  6. I was wondering if he'd taken a knock in training and his confidence was a bit shot. I'm reluctant to condem him on what was really the only mistake he made, shame it was so costly.
  7. He's improving, however I hope his form is not going to be detrimental to the team. I'd rather he was hooked if need be than playing to justify his place.
  8. Exactly. Any points dropped can be telling, but dropping points to them is disasterous.
  9. What are you on about you dick. You're the one acting all weird. I realise to get nearly 99,000 posts on this red hot forum means you have to talk drivvle and shite and reply to anything to keep your tally up but your going above and beyond. Sad fucker.
  10. You can tell the age of a fan by their football heroes. Super Ally is one of mine. Happy Birthday Ally.
  11. Or a really big banner just saying NONCE everyone will know who it's about.
  12. Sshhhh! Don't let on, every penny paid to that nonce is a penny not paid to the nonces still on their books.
  13. I agree. I can't like as theres a limit but would have if I could.
  14. It's a slippery slope, forcing you to declare you've been vaccinated. I've been and I still wear a mask and avoid crowds on the whole but TBF if someone's that scared of catching it, WTF are they doing on a football terrace?
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