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  1. Need stewards to prove they have been double vaccinated before they get within 2 metres.
  2. At least we have Livi to look forward to next week. Now that will be a proper atmosphere.
  3. Lyon had a couple of chances in the first half and scored a belter. Second half they did what they needed to do to win the game. Overall we did enough to get a point but our finishing was poor and we lacked intensity on and off the pitch, compared with typical Ibrox European nights. But maybe they were just better than us.
  4. Hit the nail on the head. Alfie trying his best to hold the ball up with 2 even 3 defenders around him and nobody to help him out (most of the time).
  5. Indeed but sort of adds to the disappointment of tonight. Start of the second half at Anfield, ground was rocking and and equalizer and a winner followed. Start of the second half at Ibrox, the crowd was quiet and fuck all followed. Crap as we were on the pitch think if the crowd was up for it we would have come back after half time and got at least a point. Shit night all round.
  6. Fucking long way home after a display like that. Expected Roofe to be on from the start, Alfie was ploughing a lone furrow and needed support. Kent is a pale shadow of his former self, hopefully he rediscovers his form.
  7. There has been a lot of supporter action to keep prices manageable for your average punter which has kept prices down. And gate receipts are a a relatively less important revenue stream in the EPL compared with north of the border. But still think many Gers fans are getting fleeced with the prices we charge. Dilemma, is it ok to pay higher prices to put more money in the pot with the hope of winning more? Or are fans just being exploited for their loyalty?
  8. Tough game this, need the players and the crowd to be totally up for it. 2-1 to The Famous.
  9. We got St Johnstone and are in the ballot for Dundee so fuck knows how they work it.
  10. Yes, £37 for me and half that for my 20 year old lad. We are both paying £39 tomorrow! Hate to think what I would have been charged if we had made the CL group stage.
  11. Never a red card, but rules in present day football gave the ref no option.
  12. Was fairly good but not top notch. Heaving on The Kop and loads must have sneaked in. Off to bed, 3pm finish tomorrow and time to do it all again at Ibrox.
  13. No away fans, no segregation, more seats sold, fewer police, fewer stewards, more money in the Rangers pot. Don't agree with it but more income for us.
  14. 56 is all that matters. We may not be as fluid as last season and will have some wobbles along the way but winning is what matters. Champions come from behind to win and that is every bit as impressive as racking up a cricket score.
  15. Fuckin hell, this thread is more active than the OF thread a couple of weeks back.
  16. Steward in lower Broomie just opened the gate against them and let loads through after smartcard issues. You’re right, totally unenforceable.
  17. Getting into Ibrox has been a shambles for many already this season, going to have to turn up 3 hours before kick off for them to manage this. Going to be some serious pressure on the minimum wage stewards.
  18. Ahh, thought it was out across the nation.
  19. What the fuck is NHS inform? Do you not just go on the NHS app for proof of vaccination status?
  20. What is the age limit on any requirement for double vax? What happens to teenagers?
  21. Good bet that this will be the order for the final table. Well certainly 1 and 2.
  22. Got two in the ballot but not buying them for exactly that reason, they can fuck right off. Discrimination or what?
  23. Now if you had the misfortune to support Man City you could take advantage of these prices for the Champions League. They would be paying fans to attend if they ever played the likes of Livi.
  24. Right for anyone who has already registered advice please. Got the Europa League and Livi in the basket, do I checkout with the whole lot as well as registration for Perth or delete the others?
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