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  1. Don't believe anything attributed to "an un-named source" translates into a trouble making f*****
  2. Look back haha it seems your telling me fuck all or maybes reading is shitey lol I'm on page now though bud :-) Swally LMAO, dirty bheggar protests
  3. Oh really!? Watch this space then ;-)
  4. COB says "Ronnie what are you going to do when you go outside?" Ronnie: "Fucking cartwheels sir" Legend
  5. Old bast**d haha conqueror, victorious etc!? Did you know an old chef called papa smurf lol? I originally joined as a slop jockey and served with him, dickie Davies, (now at sr mess as civvy) And various others including the legendary Ronnie Ross lol I am indeed a skimmer though it was a close thing, maybe I'll get te chance to spin the dit with you some time! I got accused of being a bheggar today lol out-fecking-rageoud LOL scrumpy jack fixed it though and respect WVB, takes a real man ;-)
  6. Honestly mate I've no grudge, it's been a hard 12 months and suspicioun is all over so people make mistakes. If they aren't big enough to admit them then that's up to them. If they are real bears then I have no malice for them either way. Onwards and upwards and mon the gers!
  7. O boats? Last shower you enjoyed before or after 1990? ;-) Had 3 good drafts at fasrain. ;-) Seriously though bears and bearettes wasn't after a fight, so bears being suspicious all forgiven its been one of those years where the too many kicked us so I understand the instant suspicion. My OP is 100% genuine but there's so much stuff, I think I'll put up maybe 3 items per week and if you guys don't want it then on the open market. I'm more keen it stays in the rangers family thatn off to collectors and am happy for local meet ups including before the game (I'll let the doubters check my smartcardblol) , seriously though. WATP onwards and upwards
  8. May well do bud. Got a team photo signed by JG, CS & WJ well two of em lol might keep one though lol Might start a fire with the Lafferty shite lol
  9. Correctamundo!! Please admit to being a flunkie or a cabbage mechanic haha
  10. Aww cheers h**! Thing WVB and the black redemption? We're maybe just careless with the accusations. I'd still buy em a beer before the game to show no hard feelings. #Rangersfamily
  11. This is going nowhere but my wall lol after I negotiate a price!!
  12. I'll have a look mate and pm you. There's lots!
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