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  1. Public sale of tickets now on website for anyone still looking. Just ordered a couple mysef.
  2. Also looking for 2 if any spare please
  3. Not sure about the surname (o'neill) but fuck it
  4. Daily record have "cleared the matter up". He showed the card to katic twice. Bullshit. Knowing now for sure brown smacked tav across the face surely they must respond i.e the outcry following flanagan incident last year. Pathetic wee bitter/corrupt country we live in
  5. Overheard a taig in work boasting one of the linesmen today is a massive tim. Hopefully bullshit although no surprise.
  6. If they have any sense they will build a team around him
  7. He have a good game overall then? Playing centre mid?
  8. You won't see a better save than that. World class.
  9. I thought this but wasnt willing to commit to the suggestion last night as half scooped 😂
  10. I was thinking he was one of our weaker players last night too. Moments of class but he is prone to the odd slip. Regardless one for the future and a steal at that price
  11. Seemed to be a couple of 13 year olds fighting from what i could see
  12. Could watch those morelos goals over and over
  13. Anything less than £50 for an old firm game is a decent price to me. Particularly for a cup final
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