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  1. Every day I hate my home country just a little bit more, I just can't explain it.
  2. The game is in Aberdeen it's hardly fucking hard to work out that the plod will be local Rangers hating cunts.
  3. But they actually give you a legal way out of paying it and you won't take it? I got sick of them and told them the reason I was no longer paying was because of their attitude regarding Rangers amongst other things.
  4. There are fucking cunts everywhere on our small island.
  5. Not exactly. If you watch only streamed programming and nothing as it's broadcast live on television then can prove it you aren't required to pay a single penny to the cunts of the BBC and there is nothing to fear from the TV detector vans as they don't exist.
  6. Fuxake OP the ink's not even dry on his contract and you've written off, get a fucking grip mate. Last night he could have got a few if the pape with a the flag had known how to tell when someone was being played inside.
  7. Might not be much of a game but it does the wee team a ton of good.
  8. Perfectly weighted and pin point accuracy, and he does it time after time. Just a pity Morelos couldn't have converted it because 3-0 flattered Livingston who didn't actually play badly but we should have been finishing that game with 6 or 7 goals.
  9. Muslims and Catholics shared love of kiddy fiddling? Oh nearly forgot the big likeness, indiscriminate acts of terror.
  10. That's what I'd prefer to see, although snp supporters need not turn up.
  11. There are limits mate, snp supporters, no thank you.
  12. BBC red button reporting he's been suspended following "an exchange between the Northern Irishman and several employees of the Easter Road club on Friday." Fuck knows what he's said or done but it sounds like he's on his way out.
  13. Nearly as idiotic as this post Son. We're all hurting after last night's fiasco and we all lash out on here, fair enough, we were shite and Gerrard was definitely at fault. Killie away in midweek in sub zero temperatures is not the time to fanny about with a new formation but to even bring the ages of Defoe and Davis up is just straw clutching of the most frantic and desperate kind. We cannot afford to continually pay managers off if they don't meet our unrealistic demands, this isn't Championship Manager or Fifa where if you don't like a result you can simply return to an old save,
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