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  1. Exactly what I was thinking... Rolling about as if he had been shot when Mckenna walked past him without a touch...embarrassing!
  2. He will walk before he is pushed I think.
  3. Arfield got MOTM on Sky but for me Haliday was phenomenal. Dunno how much gear he took before the game but the guy was a man possessed! Slated him in the past but the guy plays with his blue heart on his sleeve.
  4. Totally agree. We cant afford to keep sacking managers. If he is long term then surely then we need to look at who is helping SG tactically. What exactly does Gary Mac do and say from a tactical point of view? Does he even get any input or is he just a yes man?
  5. We need better players but the worrying thing for me is the fact we've out spent everyone bar that mob and yet we struggle while Kilmarnock under Clark are winning regularly with a far inferior squad. I know Gerrard is a novice but when the likes of Clarke can put a run together and compete at the top with a budget of fuck all the managers tactics and man management skills need to be questioned.
  6. Ive tried paying for it twice now and keep coming back with processing error...anyone else had the same issue?
  7. If we could just work on his finishing and awareness i.e holding the line better, he would be worth a fortune.
  8. When we get through Maribor If I were King/investors I would really turn the screw and bring in a good CB back-up, quality no 10 and a quality striker. Lets hammer them for 55 and get into the CL.
  9. Sorry mate, will have to agree to disagree. He is bang average and doesn't bring enough to the team in terms of an attacking threat. We need better.
  10. Ejaria for me was a real liability and messed about/lost the ball far too much. If I was SG I would bring in a no10 ASAP for some creativity and defo a striker to help fredo who was sensational bar the stupid offside goal.
  11. Best display in a long long time. We just neee to get a good no10 in and replace Ejaria...anytime he touched the ball it gave me the FEAR!
  12. I’d play arfiekd and jack every game but I’m not sold on Coulibaly...physical but his composure with the ball is lacking. Ideally we need an attacking mid and a decent striker.
  13. Subs were very strange. Candeias should have been on for his work rate and pace at the other end, Kent was bang average. windass should have been taken off for Sadiq to give us an outball/more legs. Jack should have come off for Mccrorie to shore up the midfield. I hope Gerard improves his subs moving forward
  14. They actually showing it on the tele? Came in and saw the last 3 minutes and the commentary was sickening! Apparently the best team Scotland has ever seen...
  15. Unbelievable! He coached at Hibs also but was hardly mentioned, add to that I can’t remember such a sad story being done about Torbett at celtic. Disgraceful
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