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  1. Not the right player for the game against the sheep, but give him time he is a fantastic player who ran the midfield at Southampton and for Northern Ireland he will come good for us again.
  2. I asked and I got, currently it's all about the celt#t. And I'm in f4cking Larkhall.
  3. I hope these rumours are just rumours and he doesn't set foot near Ibrox, a big no from me.
  4. I heard that's why he hasn't played in the last few games, he will be away in the next week or so.
  5. It's not the point of them socialising with other players of other clubs, it's the point the wee cunt who they are holidaying with tried to break one of thier team mates legs, a young guy just back from serious injury, a turncoat b4stard who stuck 2 fingers up to us. I for one think Wes is definitely away anyway as for windlass he can fu6k off.
  6. It's a family that like thier hole?
  7. He seemed to love it, great video thanks for posting, laughed when he said can we do that again.....
  8. I had to drop off and wait for my daughter in Glasgow so I went into a pub for a bite to eat and to watch the game, when that goal went in I jumped up ran towards the TV and screamed my heart out, when I turned round I was the only one celebrating..... Needless to say I didn't finish my dinner. But by fuck did I dance up the street.
  9. Well done Murty, your Dad will be so proud of you, Now if I was the manager of c3ltic and I had the chance to totally fuck it up and hand it on a plate to Rangers, I'd do the same, He should not have been appointed manager of Rangers, fucking testimonial against celtic?
  10. Totally agree with you, would love it if they started to be more active ie the manager and the press, but at least they have came out quickly this time just hope they back it up.
  11. Don't get us sometimes, if the board said nothing on the matter they would be getting slated, they come out with a straight to the point statement and they are still getting stick.? Dammed if they do dammed if they don't.
  12. Good on all the bears that follow follow to that shite hole, give it loud and proud and Come home safe.
  13. Why has this we shite not been seen too? Ripping off a fellow Rangers fan once is a slapping offence but to be doing time after time, needs a wee visit. Fucking wee rhat
  14. Well done a good statement, you have my full backing. Time for the others to man up and come out with something similar.
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