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  1. I'am confident we will beat the sheep, we should have beat them in the previous games and with a little more luck in front of the goal 2 or 3 nil. This is one of the most important games so far so I hope they go into the game with the correct attitude. #55
  2. Thanks I was eating my breakfast mate lol
  3. It's clear that at least half the squad needs replacing, I wouldn't be upset at anyone being told to leave, a mixture of not good enough and no bottle, the next few games will hopefully show who really wants to be here or not. Gerrard was a leader on the field and that's what we are badly needing now. #55
  4. They all know he has good contacts, and is highly thought of down south he will be able to bring a few Liverpool players up who will instantly improve our team, they also know if he does become our manager he will be given a healthy transfer budget, maybe a wee bit worried? #55
  5. Heard some of Alan Brazil on talksport this morning, he started to comment on him knowing that Rangers had real money troubles and it was only going to get worse, stating that Gerrard should stay clear and look to take the Liverpool no2 instead, I had to leave before he came back on to explain? Anyone else hear this buffoon?
  6. You forgot to add that they are lining up a testimonial game against his heroes celtic as a thank you..... ?
  7. The quicker we get this over the line the better, Murty should have stepped down after the last embarrassment, how can he motivate anyone after that, all I can say is your Dad will be so proud of you Murty.
  8. Just woke up after a night shift, fucking disgusting, I couldn't believe what I was reading, thank fuck I didn't sit through it, a mixture of fucking anger and embarrassment, just going to pull the covers back over my head and stay here for the rest of the day, the quicker someone comes in and gets rid of this pile of shite the better but who in their right mind would honestly take this on.
  9. Good luck to the Bears, sing loud and proud, come home safely, hope they put up a performance to do us proud. Going to bed after my long night shift switching off my phone hopefully I will sleep through the game (first one I've missed in over 25 years) WATP. #55
  10. At first I was totally against Gerrard getting the job, I was hoping for a experienced manager someone who's been there done that, Now after iv had the chance to look into this a bit more I'm more optimistic about a young highly regarded up and coming manager, he's a born winner respected by his peers, a name that will attract a better level of player, he will know the Liverpool system inside out, the English media will be all over us getting us more exposure, listening to a few phone ins the English are already very interested, some of the presenters were suggesting a few Liverpool players th
  11. Surely no, we can't afford another experiment, a great player but no experience at first team management, Murty mk2 but King's love of Liverpool anythings possible. Think il go back to bed ?
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