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  1. Karma is a wonderful thing. My lot all have families of their own now. Deep joy!
  2. It actually went from the original 8 weeks to 12 weeks. Then there was the advice to ensure you got the same vaccine for both Jags, now it's OK to mix vaccines. I was asked at the first dose if I'd had any other Jags within a month, now you can get the booster and a flu jab on the same day. As you say, it's a shambles.
  3. Not as bad as letting a child die for the want of a blood transfusion
  4. An SNP minister with gravitas? Even harder to find than a Dodo.
  5. Thanks for that. I had it in my mind there was a larger board at one time.
  6. Double selling tickets for Malmö should have raked in few quid.
  7. I would assume they don't, or can't, serve for any longer than they have said now.
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