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  1. We don't know anything about your way of life though.
  2. What a load of old bollocks. Elitism at its worst.
  3. Was there more than one case of abuse at Ibrox?
  4. I was working offshore with wee Tam when he decided to move to Magaluf.
  5. The club was also checking out ground in Clynder Street.
  6. Even a thick git like me knows that.
  7. I wouldn't trust them with £13 never mind £13m. The lack of communication is worrying There hasn't been an AGM since 2018 and I don't know when the last audit took place. The first members knew of this deal was in the general posts on the Web. The next official contact was an email "Here's the deal, how do you want to pay?"
  8. Was that the "Ready for the Future" scheme?
  9. Well said and see while you're at it, could you ask for extra on the tickets to let pensioners get their tickets for nothing?
  10. I'll buy another season ticket without any premium added. I'm near the end of my time now attending regularly but will keep the ticket going for my family.
  11. The RC in his name should stand for rabid cvnt.
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