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  1. Just got back from my own little Fundraiser today, (Cateran Yomp) 54 miles in under 24hrs for the Army Benevolent Fund, you'll be glad to know me and my daughter smashed it....PBs all round. What do I have to do again and where.
  2. Born there so glad at times I don't live there.
  3. Historic Tweets, what about Historic child abuse? Hugh remember when you used to go to the Piggery and was accosted for money in and around the ground for "The Cause" 40/50 years ago, me neither.
  4. Gazza playing the flute but not against them, think it was friendly. Ally scoring the only goal in the cup semi at theirs and we were down to 10 men, his celebration summed how much it meant.
  5. That's the best celebration of an O/F goal in a couple of decades imo
  6. We struggle to get half the players playing good at the same time, every week it's different players letting the side down.
  7. I think we have a serious challenge on, guys getting carried away with they've not played anyone. They're scoring for fun at nobody's and we struggle with a goal a game. They're not as bad as we think.
  8. Said it in an earlier post, his lack of enthusiasm for a new start worries me. Still trying to figure what he brings to us.
  9. I'd play Sakala over Alfie the next leg purely that he's been away from the scene, nobody knows his attitude at the moment but if Gerrard thinks he's up for it, I'll trust his judgement.
  10. Can't see Gerrard throwing in Alfie next week, he'll be well off the pace and probably get sent off cos of that.
  11. Not convinced Lundstrum realises who he's playing for, lack of urgency surprises me for being at the club 2 mins.
  12. Thought Kent had a mediocre game, not for the love of trying, they doubled up when ever he had the ball and nullified him. They won't be able to do that next week if both Kent and Aribo play.
  13. My pet hate, a player turning his back on a shot on goal. Avoidable that goal.
  14. This could be comedy Gold
  15. Am I right in thinking our points tally last season would have won 8 out of the 9 titles they won and we weren't even in the league for 4 of them. They could have stuck a reserve team out and won the league(s) and concentrated on Europe but they went full retard and took it for granted they were a good side as they were winning leagues, 10IAR in the bag, they took their eye off the ball and now are playing catch up. Europes the benchmark to see how your teams doing and they've done nothing since Seville.
  16. I thought the Danes had a lot of players called Hessel, bloody sponsors
  17. They gotta be gathering at the piggery as we speak......
  18. You'll never see a taig say they won 9 leagues in a row as they had no competition, same argument
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