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  1. I use it on xbox or phone. Usually great but it did not work on one of the old firm games and kept crashing. Would say get the week one and install before game day
  2. http://www.rangersmegastore.com/retro-kit
  3. I think this is spot on. We got who we could for a price we can afford. My only worries are how we continually exposed at corners yet rarely put one into the box ourself. Miller nearly put us ahead yesterday when we did. For their winner look who even bothered to jump for the ball. I'd also like a midfielder who will shoot from the edge of the box. Halliday and McKay scored great goals but how often does someone stand in space whilst we try and pass a triangle on the wing. I think the football we played this season has been a breath of fresh air but our weaknesses have been expo
  4. I wasn't agreeing with them. I was pointing out they are blaming us.
  5. Also states it was Rangers fans who were looking for a confrontation 'the party mood soon turned nasty as Rangers supporters flooded onto the Hampden turf to confront them.'
  6. Betfred issued apology and said employee would be dealt with
  7. Do it based on reputation/ vouched for by known member. I don't mind the new members posting personally. We would have missed some things like Lee Welsh and Joshua Burns needing help had it been in place I think.
  8. Wiki has a whole section on it. 1880s for remaining items
  9. RFC been our crest since beginning. Earliest remaining item about 1890s. Badge from 1959 I think.
  10. Glad you are going to keep going. It's sometimes the only way I get to see the goals. Keep up the great work.
  11. Got injured in training according to sky last night (knee I think)
  12. Sad that fellow Bears seem less popular than a thread about another team's captain. These guys are the ones who we should be concentrating on. If you had it, would you give it? These people and their generation gave so much for all we cherish today.
  13. No worries I realise what you mean. Thought you might not have considered it.
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