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  1. Was he the last man, or not? Didn't manage to see the incident that great at the game. The last 5 minutes or so was just a total shambles. Not even any words for how the referee handled the whole thing. When Candeias finally took the penalty the ref was waving at something again.
  2. Yes we are. Our squad is really short of quality and cover. We've only one natural no.10 in Pena who is terrible. If Dorran gets injured we've nobody really to replace him in centre midfield with any creativity. We've really no natural left midfielders. If Morelos gets injured we're really short up front. Only really Herrera to call on from the senior players, with Miller out the picture. If Tav or John get injured we're relying on Hodson.
  3. It's very easy saying no he's not good enough, but that doesn't really provide a solution to our current problem. He's a better left midfielder than Josh Windass. Our current first choice and therefore would improve the squad. And until January we can't get anyone else. Also our squad looks very light at the moment for cover.
  4. I expect to get slaughtered for suggesting this, however, if we have a clause in his loan to recall him I would definitely do this. I'm not suggesting he is good enough long term, or the answer to all our problems. However, I do feel if we recalled him he would be the best left midfield option that we currently have. He played left back/left midfield in the English championship for Blackpool and some games for Middlesborough too. And Ferguson spoke favourably about him in this position. Holt and Halliday might not be the long term future of the club, but for me they would be g
  5. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated!
  6. I'm driving through to Hampden tomorrow with my Dad. Was looking for some advice/suggestions on decent places to park? Also what section of the ground have Motherwell got? Cheers.
  7. Or more of a 5-4-1, it's pretty flexible, hence why it's a good option. We couldn't play a straight 3-5-2 against celtic as we'd then get destroyed out wide. Tierney and Sinclair both bombing down our right against only one of our players would have a field day.
  8. The two playing off the main striker drop deep to support the midfield as required. They can be quite hard to pick up.
  9. Anybody else think this could work for us? Think McCrorie, Alves and Cardoso would be a good back 3 and you'd have Wallace or John and Tav or Candeias to play wide midfield/wingback. Jack and Dorrans in the middle, or Rossiter if he can ever find fitness. And plenty of options for the 3 forward areas. I'd personally give Nemane a chance on the left to see what he can do alongside Candeias and Morelos, but there's quite a few options. I'd go: Foderingham or Alnwick McCrorie Alves Cardoso Wallace or John Jack Dorrans Tav Nemane Morelos Ca
  10. That would be my team too, as we look outnumbered in the middle with just jack and dorran's in the middle and two wide players. Will hopefully give dorrans a bit more freedom. Ideally, we'll get two quality players in to replace candeias and windass. Maybe walker and naismith being the most realistic, unless we can pull out an epl loan player.
  11. Surely there's only two options for the appeal: 1) Red card appeal successful 2) Red card appeal unsuccessful and Anthony Stokes retrospectively red carded .....
  12. Thanks guys. Thought it might be up until half time. Only been really late for a game once due to traffic and arrived at about the half hour mark and got in, like someone said there was only a few gates open. Hopefully, get finished on time to see us win!
  13. I've got a season ticket and I'm working before the hibs game, but don't know what time I'll be able to get finished. When's the latest time I'll be able to get in to the ground? As even if I miss kick off, I don't want to miss the game? Cheers.
  14. I thought season ticket smart cards would just be activated for this game - that's what it said when I purchased ours. However, came home from work today and paper tickets had arrived. Any other season ticket holders had paper tickets arrive instead?
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