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  1. Off the meds are we, Ha Ha, don't like a dose of reality do we, well you are going to get plenty more as if you hadn't had enough of it so far, now where did you leave those meds.
  2. A team could easily get knocked out in the qualifiers with no £15 million icing on the cake and we rode our luck in a few of the games, are you saying there is no other managers out there that could qualify for Europe!. It also has had no bearing on our league performances which have been average, especially the away games. Away from this forum the talk is that he isn't good enough and the team are a disgrace, an embarrassment well who could argue with that, maybe you?.
  3. We all said we had shite players last season and that Gerrard had brought better players this season, yet we are still in a struggling situation making the same old mistakes and the same old tactics of going wide and punting in balls( its the only tactic we have and we are not very good at it) that cost the previous managers to get sacked and Gerrard doesn't look to have any other answers either. I don't think they will bump him, but I can't see where he can take us with the quality of players we are looking at to turn it around.
  4. What the fuck is that got to do with a Rangers side full of losers!.
  5. Why not, its not as if he is going to get money to change things around, also the players he has brought to the club aren't good enough either. We are not any further forward than last year, its a team of losers and this manager can't make the difference either, four points lost against a shite hibs team just isn't good enough, season over.
  6. Yes Whit?, Get out of jail card, nothing has changed, dream on, we are fucking shite, scraping a win against a shite side doesn't make it, papering over cracks, win ugly, but hey whatever floats your boat.
  7. Why leave the manager out of the equation, after all he manages the the squad?.
  8. Gerrard hasn't got even one decent midfielder, he is the author of this shambles of a squad and now we are back to the Pedro/Warburton scenario. I can't see Gerrard surviving this, everyone is blaming the players but the tactics and player choices are criminal, of course the board don't help either with their inept control of the club, we are a laughing stock of a club.
  9. You don't have any friends on here and even less now.
  10. Its not a good advert that's the point everyone is making, there should be no poverty and misery in this country unless the individual forces it upon himself. Why use eloquent language to tell the bare bones truth.
  11. Your stats don't show vital goals scored, they are the ones that count. The other leagues you mentioned are far superior to ours with better players all round, but still £20/40 million rated players shoot straight at the keeper( I do watch other leagues ). Morelos has a lot going for him but composure in front of goal isn't one of them and in Rangers system of one striker who plays along the front line is killing us as the rest of the team don't have the goals in them to back Morelos, which is more of a concern and a debate rather than Morelos.
  12. Just lacks composure, that's the be all and end all of a striker and he doesn't have it, he should have scored a hat trick against Hearts. We need a striker who can find the net when in good positions something that Morelos lacks. He has improved on last season but still lacks composure in front of goal as do the players around him and its killing us.
  13. 14 million under the poverty line and the majority of them work!. What really annoys me is that it is only shown once a year when people are overspending on themselves that can and Shows how corrupt politicians really are when they know the truth and deny it and allow this misery.
  14. Gerrard has a hard task in January finding player's to turn it around.
  15. It's the player's who cant win the league, they are just not good enough. This squad go through a cycle of defence, midfield and attack failures and our away form is still shite at winning games. Posts that say the scum are shite and we are going to win the league due to the fact is delusional fanboy crap, while totally ignoring the truth about our squad.
  16. Everything is just speculative about Katic's family problems, but if true take unpaid leave or go on a loan deal back to Croatia until the problems are sorted, these problems aren't just confined to football players, some people just have to get on with it because of financial pressures, the uk has 14 million under the poverty line. The pressure Rangers find themselves in, is we are three players short in Katic, Ejaria and the suggestions that Coulibaly's father died and is causing his problems, Ejaria homesickness has been dealt with and the other two should not have been near the first team squad, good luck to them all with their problems, now lets sort Rangers problems out.
  17. He will loaned out to a Croatian side until we get him off the books just like the Mexican pair and we will never get the money back, how's that for contractually and moral obligation paid up fully by the Rangers fans.
  18. This, get rid of all the losers, they are holding us back, Rangers are riddled with excuses, if a company filled its self with people with various illnesses, drug addicts, alcoholics, mental patients it would grind to a halt. If they have the problems stated they wouldn't get started in the first place, unfit for purpose. No fishing comments, its going to cost the fans to deal with the problems in the end and the Mexican pair have cost us a fortune especially Pena, who is a piss taking waster and we should as a company give them the short shrift, if we are paying for it at least give us the satisfaction of seeing the club move on and ditch the problems.
  19. Because they don't have a homesick problem with the money they earn and how is the transfer fee going to be paid back, that's another bill the fans will have to stump up if nobody wants to buy them for what we paid. From a business point of view we need to write off the losses and move on and that includes the Mexican duds instead of being held back by lame ducks.
  20. I wonder if he was on a £100,000/week and on the bench for Liverpool that he would be homesick. Shock horror modern footballer doesn't want to travel to make money, it's part and parcel of the modern game. Between alkys and weedy bastards, no wonder we can't win, every excuse from the losers manual and talking about weedy, we need to weed out the losing mentality.
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