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  1. There were other Rangers players besides Tav in front of the the first player to have a shot on goal, but it was an unkind bounce to the man who scored and its not the first time Tav, is standing in no mans land whether the opposition score or not. He does bring an attacking threat to our game which can't be ignored. If he does move to the EPL he will be up against better players almost every game who will punish you if left alone, would make interesting viewing to see if he could still supplement the attack and defend against better sides.
  2. The Rapid goal sums tav up, goalscorer left on his own on his side.
  3. Well done, every player done their job tonight.
  4. You should offer that advice to the manager, he badly needs it.
  5. Worse, if we get humped on thursday and beaten/draw by Hearts then it will be a car crash.
  6. If that's the case we are in deep shit, the whole midfield is one dimensional with nobody to control a football game, his decision to pass instead of shooting at goal at the end of the game sums him up spineless.
  7. Worse, when the board don't back him, just like the scum board, because there is too much money to be creamed off. We can all laugh while we are on the way up, but when we get to the top what then. just look at the scum running costs.
  8. Plastic doesn't burn, neither does a shitety arsehole trolling bastard like you.
  9. He came back to earn money, that's what professionals do, being redeemed is in the minds of fanboys, Shagger doesn't give a fuck what fans think or the women he shagged.
  10. Always has been, you can lay the blame on labour voting prods.
  11. Rangers were poor against Motherwell 12 months ago in the 2nd half, Barisic wasn't playing, maybe not a player problem but a personnel problem last year and still exists this year.
  12. Your wasting your time, these fannies still cant grasp the fact we got beat because we are shite and are looking for any excuse to back up their denial. Nothing to do with referees, they just waltzed down the park and side footed the ball home like a training session while I don't recall any shots on target from us. Sadly we have become like Taigs, obsessed with issues of our own making while ignoring the reality, that we are no where near them when it comes to winning crunch games.
  13. Your having a laugh, Jack like you is as hard as my first shit.
  14. Worse, a useless gimp, he should have fouled Rogic instead of the fanny tackle he put on him. Edit, and Gerrard should shut up as well.
  15. Gerrard has made 80% changes to the team and we could have shipped 6/7 goals in the last two league games ffs.
  16. Europe has got nothing to do with the league, Le Guen had a similar record in both, it is early days but there is a worrying trend developing in the midfield, of which we have seen over the last two years and with certain player choises starting games and also subs. Gerrard had nothing on the bench today to change the game, that's another worrying fact.
  17. We are not a little better, people keep saying we are better with better players but yet again luck kept the score down, they were rarely troubled by us and could have won the game by three clear goals, maybe more. The midfield still has the shite from last year and Gerrard has added more shite and kiddies to it. Gerrards decision to play Kent instead of Candeias was a blunder given that Tav and Candeias link up well in defence/offence and to not swap them at half time was negligent managing of which seems to be the norm for Gerrard especially in away games.
  18. We won't win the league with that midfield even if its injury free and if hearts keep winning then we will be fighting it out for 3/4 place at best, also competing in Europe is going add pressure and possibly injuries.
  19. I'am not basing anything on one game, the big picture for this midfield looks bleak, sure we will win games, but just look at the Kilmarnock game, going by that performance we should be running riot, yet the three away games in the league have seen a worrying performances to the Kilmarnock game and Europe is a different game altogether which gives players time on the ball. The biggest worry at this moment is who is going to score goals in crunch games.
  20. He offers absolutely nothing to a team looking to win the league, we had four passengers in midfield today and also at Motherwell in the second half. If your the opposition manager looking at the Rangers midfield, you must always think you have a chance.
  21. Nothing to do with tiredness, we were shite in the midfield and our strongest spell was near the end of the game.
  22. Fuck off yourself, its cunts like you that need to lie down permanently.
  23. Yes I can count and he has fucked three of them.
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