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  1. I always keep him around for the HG quota. He's usally happy at being backup to a more quality keeper. Stevie comparing him to Pat Nevin in that screenshot did make me laugh though
  2. Ruthless today. Brilliant to see considering how far ahead we are. Long may it continue.
  3. Worrying trend with Kent is that he's either unplayable or absolutely useless. He has been the latter for a good while now. Sell.
  4. Has Barisic actually found any of our players with a cross today?
  5. They are slicing right through our midfield. I would sacrifice Kent for Zungu at HT and play Morelos and Roofe as a front 2. Long 2nd half ahead if no changes.
  6. Don't expect anything against the taigs from a team with a back four that includes the names O'Donnell, O'Hara and Delcan Gallagher Tarrier penalty is a nailed on certainty..
  7. The tarriers literally let a mouth breathing crackpot use their stadium and facilities to record a 2 hour video highlighting '60 years of SFA corruption'. Anyone but celtic or some pish like that. Clearly the 'always cheated' mentality runs right to the very top of their rancid organisation. Scum.
  8. Maddens display in the Ibrox game this season was a shambles too. Shat it to send Callum McGregor off after a blatant dive (2nd yellow) and then about 3 more fouls after that. Even gave us the free kick for his dive too!
  9. Those players fuckin sicken me. Shite bag cunts. Gerrard has to change it up or deserves to be out on his arse if we finish empty handed once again.
  10. This is just the start from these cunts. Our shitebag board fucking repulse me.
  11. He's a rhabid, cheating, bead rattling cunt. His determination to book/send off Alfie at every turn (not just today) is nothing more than a tarrier tactic to ensure his value drops. Another ref who is terrified to give anything against the tarriers after they got him demoted last season. We need to start playing the same dirty tricks as those cunts with the refs as it clearly works a treat for them. They caused the ref strike 10 years ago and have reaped the rewards ever since. Get it round the fucking lot of them, the fact we won against such blatant cheating by this simple looking tarrier cunt Clancy makes me happy.
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