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  1. RD.1872

    Ryan Kent

    Worrying trend with Kent is that he's either unplayable or absolutely useless. He has been the latter for a good while now. Sell.
  2. Has Barisic actually found any of our players with a cross today?
  3. They are slicing right through our midfield. I would sacrifice Kent for Zungu at HT and play Morelos and Roofe as a front 2. Long 2nd half ahead if no changes.
  4. Don't expect anything against the taigs from a team with a back four that includes the names O'Donnell, O'Hara and Delcan Gallagher Tarrier penalty is a nailed on certainty..
  5. Frightening the amount of talent they've produced recently - Martial, Mbappe, Kondogbia, Lemar, Sidibie, Mendy, Bakayoko etc. Loved that Ajax team of the 90s, one of my first tops other than Rangers back in the day was an old Ajax cracker with Rijkaard on the back
  6. What a job Jardim has done at Monaco. Mostly academy graduates too, their production line is absolutely frightening.
  7. Merson is comedy gold. The booze and gear has literally wiped out his brain cells https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.joe.co.uk/amp/sport/paul-merson-just-outdid-himself-with-a-breathtakingly-stupid-comment-about-thierry-henry/106391?client=ms-android-orange-gb
  8. Harry is a cracking wee player who isn't afraid to get stuck in and do a bit of dirty work aswell. One of the first names on the teamsheet for me. Hopefully turns it on against the mutton molesters.
  9. Don't need to be in the know to see the damage that scumbag done to our club. Stripped nearly every asset we had and tied it in with his own companies (Azure etc) so any money would go into his coffers and not the clubs like before. Also the myth that the money spent under him was his own money, the only time that cunt put his money in his pocket is when we nearly went to the wall and he had to fork out after failing to con the fans into paying through a share issue. The money spent under Advocaat was more or less all loans from RBS. Then there's the £1 sale to Whyte. 'Duped' m
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