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  1. smartypants


    Atari VCS https://atarivcs.com/products Seems a bit expensive for what would be a novelty purchase.
  2. Think he'd need a good run of games to see what he can do. Doubt he'll get them though.
  3. Wee clip of the meltdown shown on the main BBC news channel there
  4. Got the absolute fear he's going to give away possession 30 yards out which will cost us. Hopefully not on Saturday.
  5. Zurab Khizanishvili Big eck used him sparingly at rb until Moore got injured. The big man slotted in fine at cb looked solid and classy for a couple of months. Got dropped for Moore coming back just in time for an OF game. Don't think he played for us again.
  6. This. It's mostly wind up merchants and absolute stoaters that phone them
  7. smartypants


    Managed to get the one I was after in Curry's.
  8. smartypants


    Will give it a try 👍
  9. smartypants


    Tried mate. Think it's a marketing ploy to get you to panic and buy the dearer one. Which I'll probably do
  10. smartypants


    Anyone know where I can pick up an 8th gen 32gb ipad? The one retailing at £330 ish? Had a pre order in on Ebuyer since early November for my daughters Christmas present which has now been pushed back till Jan. Amazon, currys, apple store etc all seem to be out of stock. Starting to panic
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