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  1. After 7 months on furlaugh, finally to go back to work on Monday.
  2. I was struggling to find decent links for Raised By Wolves on the apks like teatv and cyberflix so stuck on kodi and got perfect HD streams with no buffering. I hadn't used it for ages either. Will check out that build cheers 👍
  3. Anyone still use kodi? Any decent addons or builds?
  4. The OP is one of Bronzy's accounts imo. Troll inception
  5. In the line of fire on itv4. Clint Eastwood and John Malkovic. They don't make films like this anymore.
  6. His form dips a fair bit when he's in and out of the team. Needs to keep his Jersey to see the best of him.
  7. I've got a bit of a furlaugh belly atm and thought I'd look like a bag of shite in it but it holds its shape well.
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