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  1. Signed up in 2012. Cba working out how many days it's been but there can't have been many since that I haven't checked in at least once.
  2. Are they really that bad? The plan was to get the weans involved and wind up the tarrier neighbours at the same time. Had visions of something like this
  3. Just going to pretend I didn't read this mate.
  4. Was looking to pick up some 🇬🇧 sky lanterns but can only find them online on some right dodgy looking websites. Anyone know any reputable stockists?
  5. smartypants


    Atari VCS https://atarivcs.com/products Seems a bit expensive for what would be a novelty purchase.
  6. Think he'd need a good run of games to see what he can do. Doubt he'll get them though.
  7. Wee clip of the meltdown shown on the main BBC news channel there
  8. Got the absolute fear he's going to give away possession 30 yards out which will cost us. Hopefully not on Saturday.
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