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  1. Excellent start for the new group, I know there was calls for them to say something, well done for taking the time to produce this statement.
  2. Welcome Joey, Didnt know what to expect from the interview, but no complaints here, seemed honest and and frank over his move, as well as his intentions.
  3. This is one of my favourites so far, magical watching
  4. This is football, there has to be a time where it goes wrong or we suffer a defeat. However I think though we will feel disappointed by it, the overall reaction will be different, as I believe that if we are defeated it will be the manner of the defeat. The Gaffer seems to be pushing 90minutes of football, so if it is seen that the team has stood up and continued to play, I can't see how we could ask for anymore.
  5. Love the fact Warburtons is always active never complacent on the touchline
  6. Surely after the years of buying dross, this is a sensible approach, we aren't exactly overflowing with loan players. We also still have to be honest that we are not exactly overflowing in cash either. W and W have been a revelation to us and. quite possibly a godsend for the board, they have created a squad that are entertaining, bringing in the support, creating a vibe for not a lot of outlay. It has given breathing space and I suppose much needed respite. But if they can work their magic creating a winning squad to go forward, do we really need to keep looking for big ticket players, we ca
  7. Nice to see no excuses, just the belief and knowledge that they are better than what they showed, but yeah, big win 3 points.
  8. Think maybe Kenny is maybe more suited to the "Supersub" role now.
  9. Know it was the radio ha ha, but apart from a couple of occasions, thought it sounded a far better second half performance.
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