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  1. It's fake 1)it won't be tenneants 2) where is starts 3) a seen it on google images for ages ..... Stop puting shite on here
  2. Walrus (Lawwell)in today's sun talking about the new pub sponsor for them . He said “We are different clubs with different values, HISTORIES, standards, traditions and different offerings. ! Even that fat walrus knows the 54 titles stand !
  3. Hope macky is on , he will cause problems for any defence as well as temps
  4. Well if jig isn't playing we will have Pavarotti up front (Sandaza) so that's about it , what about your self ?
  5. Ano we have a few weeks untill we play united but what will be the best possible team selection A really want us to win this game !! Am nervous of the team selection !! Am nervous about watching the game !! Am nervous that people who are reading this will think am a idiot for bring it up just now ! So fellow bears , what do yous think the best possible team selection will be for the 2nd of February ? ..... PLAY TWO STRIKERS !
  6. Hmmm you actuall make a good point now mate .
  7. Seriously ? , he's one of our best player he was scoring goals before he got injured ?
  8. Well lets just hope he starts the next game then ..
  9. Mate there's a big diffrance that's Barcelona , if we had players like that then coisty could play 1 up front all he wants .
  10. A don't have a clue why he wasn't there for annan , but I would a had him on up with jigg ... And you didn't mention Barrie McKay a would have him on the right with temps on the left and McLeod and black in center .
  11. Ayee one thing ....................... They have messi , always thought jig looked like him !
  12. Am sure his injury has cleared by now , and i would have sheils sappourtng jig , and if (sheils started instead of little today then I would have replaced him with little .)
  13. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , its just fucking annoying specially when jig is up himself yeah he's a brilliant player and that but he's not the fastest either !!!!
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