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  1. Is their any reference in any of the terms and conditions relating to "vaccine passports" or anything similar?
  2. I never knew anything of Wright before his appearances for us. He looks like he could be a great player for us. I am not for one minute saying hes anywhere near Laudrup's quality but the way he travels with the ball reminds me a bit of him. I'm excited to see how he develops.
  3. The key moment was the takedown attempt by Stipe in the first. It was a bit sloppy so Francis managed to defend it and get a few heavy shots in. Stipe seemed a little dazed from that point.
  4. The UFC card tonight isn't strong apart from Miocic vs Ngannou. I think Miocic will win this rematch.
  5. On the subject of framing tops, where is a decent place to get this done?
  6. With other commitments I struggle to justify buying tops now but I am delighted to buy this and frame it as a memento to being back on top after everything we have been through.
  7. Apologies if this has already been discussed but does anyone know what the highest aggregate score is in the european knock out stages? Just wondering how our 9-5 compares.
  8. Neil Lennon's been ma hero for 2... 20 years n am 30
  9. Aye the H-bomb is the better finish for me out of the two of them but screw getting a punch from Lewis connecting well with you. I don't get why Blaydes didn't try to set up his takedown attempt with some punches. It is very dangerous to just lazily go for a takedown against someone with the punching power of Lewis.
  10. The Derrick Lewis KO of Curtis Blaydes was frightening. Imagine being out cold and then getting an extra two follow up shots from Lewis. The KO is from 2 mins 10 seconds in the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=659WC4pMgNs
  11. Gutted that the Chiefs weren't up for it but the one big problem was that the offensive line couldn't protect Mahomes. It could have been the perfect year with Rangers and the Chiefs getting 55!
  12. His accent in that video is fucking horrible. He is a funny guy and played into it. He changed his name on twitter to Karen Till with a photoshopped picture of him. What's the predictions for tonight? Anyone staying up for it? I am hoping for a Poirier win and will pick the 4th round.
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