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  1. That is the first timeI have heard this quote. Do you know any background to it such as when he said it?
  2. Renaming a stand such as the Copland in honor of Walter Smith would be a nice tribute but I would also like a statue as he optimizes Rangers in the modern era. A statue at the Copland would be nice, with some sort of feature lighting so that it is a focal point at the night time games as you approach the Copland towards the club shop.
  3. Just watched the Packers vs Bengals highlights. I had a chuckle at this Youtube comment and thought it summed the game up: Bengals: Go ahead you win the game. Packers: No, I insist. Bengals: No, you win the game. Packers: No, you. Bengals: Here’s the ball, you win. Packers: Naw, I’ll just miss on purpose. Bengals: Naw, I’ll do the same too. Packers: OK, I’ll finish the game.
  4. We have all been able to attend hospitality, Rangers games etc for months now and it has been fine.
  5. Just watched the Bills vs Chiefs highlights. Allen had a fantastic game and the Bills are looking very good. It is baffling what is happening to the Chiefs this season so far.
  6. Lol supporting stripping peoples rights to live normally based on a yougov poll.
  7. Dont worry about that it will eventually morph into biometric facial recognition.
  8. Everyone is different when it comes to health and also psychologically i.e. some people are more cautious than others etc. Where there is a risk either way, people reserve the right to make their own decision in what they feel is best for themselves.
  9. The best person to make a decision is generally themselves as they will have to live with the choices they make. Removing this and replacing it with a system in which governments can shut you out of society (for possibly any reasons) unless you comply with whatever is mandated is shakey grounds. We are then at the mercy of Government officials can be bought or leaned on to pass anything. People might not have an issue as long as it is their preferred person in power but when they are voted out and replaced with someone else that may have other vested interests, and they then have new tools such as passports in which they can coerce the population. It is a massive pandora box which removes autonomy and who knows where it leads to.
  10. Not long until the Rememberence day game. People will have to show their passes to get into the game and pay their respects to the fallen who fought and defeated fascism for us to be "free" in an increasingly fascistic society.
  11. What has people paying to see games got to do with players and vaccinations? Sanctioning people? I hope you are just sitting there and trolling. Like I have said plenty of times, it is up to people to make whatever choices they want to make in live and roll with it.
  12. It is funny how people have been able to go to games regardless of vaccine status and now all of a sudden this is imposed.
  13. Just watched the highlights of the Chiefs vs Ravens. That was a crazy game.
  14. I think a lot of our goals normally come from Tav and Barisic crosses. This hasn't been the case this season so far so our goals seem to have dried up a little .
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