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  1. No one said he's pish but if you only do it in 1 game in 4 it's a problem aether you want ta believe that or not
  2. You think he would be going home ta her every night
  3. If we had been 3 up by half time like we should of then there goal wouldn of mattered it's not killing teams off that's the problem not the defence
  4. It wasn't the defence that cost us tonight it was our inability to put the ball in the net
  5. Just don't think the defence is the problem its putting away the many chances we create that is the issue
  6. We have conceded 2 goals in the last 5 or 6 games wtf are you on about?
  7. Why the fuck are we pandering ta these cunts? We are Scottish football time this board realised that and made the most of it. Tell the rest of these bitter twisted fucks ta fuck off. If you hate us that much ban us from your shitty tinpot grounds but of course they can't do that they need the blue pound ta survive they are less than nothing without us
  8. Always thought they could quite easily open a Rangers shop in corby and make it profitable don't think people up the road realise the amount of fans down south
  9. Corby Town will celebrate their 70th anniversary by taking on a Glasgow Rangers XI in a special friendly match in May. The Steelmen will host some of the Scottish giants’ emerging talent at Steel Park on Wednesday, May 8 (7.30pm kick-off). 0:000:41 De Bruyne can't solve all our problems - Guardiola It will be the first time since 2011 that Rangers have sent a team to Corby after they did so in November of that year to celebrate the opening of Steel Park. Led by Ian Durrant that evening, Rangers ran out 6-0 winners thanks to goals from Rhys McCabe, Juan Ortiz, Kane Hemm
  10. Been thinking this myself. The result today has hurt more than any other this season especially after them dropping points. The players have let us all down again and let themselves down too would a different manager change this? I don't think they would ta me they are bottlers and don't have a title winning mentally and have proved it time and time again.
  11. Great watch had it on dvd many years ago and just recently found it on YouTube
  12. I also believe we would of got second with Warburton but thinking back to that semi final win over them what the fuck happened after that. We went from that to utter mince and he didn't seem to have an answer to it and it had nothing ta do with a budget as even the last few games in the first division we was rotten
  13. talkSPORT's Drivetime presenter Adrian Durham discusses developments at Ibrox, and what it means for the team at Celtic Park... It’s official – Scottish football has lost its mind. It seems there really were people north of the border, even self-proclaimed experts, who genuinely thought Rangers would challenge Celtic for the title this season. Nobody with serious football knowledge thought that. And yet Mark Warburton leaves Glasgow with some buffoons thinking he has failed. “What about his budget?” is the cry from people I can only assume would have been happy to see Rangers de
  14. There has been no urgency all fuck in game shocking performance
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