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  1. .......then the Dundee HIV's in the final coz I think they would beat the anti British Mhanks (Glasgow clan).
  2. I tried to send an email to Michelin in Dundee after it was reported here that was his work. Couldn't get past the anti spam thing tho. Is that where he works / worked?
  3. Loyalist, British, Royal Family, Union flag I love the lot and I am very proud. The reason others don't like it is because they are envious!
  4. I sense another witch hunt is getting under way. After the way we were treated in 2012, should we now treat them with the contempt they deserve? These cunts must be running short on cash and see us as their best bet in raising / stealing money from. Let them ask questions and we can tell them SFA......or very little just to be 'co-operative'. Once bitten twice shy!
  5. Get in there king and sort out these kid on businessmen. / management team. Yeeeee haaaa
  6. Don't let the YES brigade hijack the Saltire / Scotland. The best way to protect Scotland was to vote NO. Be proud to be Scottish and British. It's our Saltire and we're keeping it!
  7. I'm glad they are trying to do something to stand up for the unlike the board who sell their arses while getting their belly's tickled.
  8. The one at the front is fucking brilliant. I couldn't get away with wearing the new badge at work, but the one at the front would be good to wear this year, particularly after the referendum!
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