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  1. Nice easy fixture at home.comfortable win. Oh...and Sutton is a prick !!
  2. Decent loan move for Walsh...happy with that. Like another poster on here says, i wouldn`t like any of our players going anywhere near that rancid bastard Houston`s club. Rangers hating cunt of a man.
  3. Congrats to our very own double Champion....Well done son.
  4. Excellent signing, brings a bit of guile to the mid. Well pleased with this.
  5. This article changed my view of the Irish. The fact that it was allowed to go to press in an Irish newspaper led me to believe that Ireland is a far more progressive society than Scotland. Had it been published in Scotland the taigs would have burnt the newspaper office to the ground. http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/kevin-myers/riots-knifings-and-arson-happy-st-patricks-day-26522368.html That was a good read , thanks. Together with what the ROI fans did at the Sweeden game,i have a new found respect for the ROI.
  6. Very pleased with this signing. Welcome Joey. Love the jumper,great choice!!
  7. Mate, i would go play in the Welsh league or anywhere else for that matter. Anywhere but this bigoted backwater of a Cuntry!!!
  8. Their bile is already fueld to the max!!.No fuckin dignified silence from our end this time,meet these bastards head on.
  9. Rangers will steamroll these junkie fuckers,but still expect them to score,maybe even .get a penalty. Gers will still be too good for them and win 4-2. C`mon The Rangers!!!!
  10. A resounding Yes. Very good player who will bring much needed experience to our mid.
  11. Why Advocat signed him for Rangers i`ll never know...he was done. Has he said which club yet ?
  12. He did, silly old git !! Haha. Good video highlights, enjoyed that. Thanks Markem.
  13. Fantastic result,very good performace 2nd half. Clark`s finish was a belter...well done son. Thanks to Dan and Loafs 11 for the coverage...fuckin magic!!!
  14. loved the video , thanks jules. Great song!!
  15. A sad pathetic bitter loser of a man...fuck you Houston!! and your team of cloggers.
  16. Superb news,f**kin rancid wee midden got what she deserved. i hope the rumours of that other low life rancid c*nt spiers is true. If Carslberg did Fridays.
  17. Would prefer Ball to Wilson at CH. Still think we will win 3-1.
  18. Fucking horrible cunts,whoever the 4 maybe. They should not have even picked up fuckin wages for their piss poor performances over the three years ,never mind fucking holiday pay.
  19. WTF!!...you cant be serious.Not even if you paid me.
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