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  1. Same thing and it gets knocked back, I believe, each year. Obsession.
  2. Is it not something to do with us being broke a few years ago and they reckon we should not have been allowed to breathe or was it allowed to compete in a European competition.😂😂
  3. The euphoria from commentary team, should it be neutral(ish), is unreal. I’ve never heard it quite so obvious in a Gers game. Hey ho.
  4. What do you mean by that Dude? I know nothing about Twitter or any other platform bar maybe FB. What gives him relevance?
  5. Think I agree. The inners of Stewart’s brain.
  6. There are some people on this forum feeling sorry for, and maybe even questioning if we should be happy that these people are losing or might lose their jobs. All I can think is that they are using their jobs and position to fuck us. That means they are accepting the coin to screw us. Fuck them. They entered the contest.
  7. Can’t believe you would take the time to highlight all these opinions, from a Forum. Why do they need highlighted. You had your opportunity to answer, agree or disagree. We have all texted garbage, in someone’s view. This is an opinions forum ffs. We won. Are you happy?
  8. Got to agree. We are getting little from Tav currently.
  9. Our sportsmen didn’t take the knee for many years, and I go back to the Mark Walters incidents. It went back much further. Our sportsmen have now been taking the knee for a year or so and while it hasn’t eradicated racism( wasn’t going to happen), it has started huge debate on why it is happening, is the knee doing any good, booing is being questioned. I think it is well worth continuing the knee, for a wee while, in the forlorn hope that some good will come out of it. And IMO boo the booers.
  10. Hope this is not too daft a question. Do us who did not get a ticket in ballot have to do anything to ensure we get the televised game as per last season. Or is it just beamed automatically to us ballot losers.
  11. Sit on the fence Tiger.😂😂😂👍👍
  12. Fucking love it.😂😂🥃
  13. Done. Good luck mate. All the very best to your daughter.
  14. Had not even given that a thought. Shame.
  15. Absolutely spot on mate. Some of our forum members had it sussed in 5 mins. So police Scotland, as much as we would like to think they are, are no idiots, have been ordered to investigate. IMO.
  16. Don’t think he will have reached that stage of the curriculum to assess that possibility.
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