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  1. Hoping Itten and Morelos start, feel they could get goals tonight and get the confidence up
  2. Anyone else hear that red neck tom refer to Goldson and Helander as the twin towers coming up for a corner the day after 9/11 anniversary Its just amateurish, the guy needs to be moved on Rangers man or not hes fucking pish
  3. Fucking ririculous whenever barasic gets the ball nobody is running into space towards the corner flag just leaving it so congested and easy for kilmarnock. Its pathetic stuff from us as usual
  4. Noticed this guy over social media the last few days, never seen him before. Top class work
  5. Even if they dont become regulars we sell them on, thats how it is and how most academies work. Not good wnough for us but good enough elsewhere
  6. You seem very angry the dudes article isnt allowed to be linked tbh. Like i said, post a DR link for your prescedent
  7. Cause you thought you were being a smart arse posting the article so the dude wouldnt get any hits (which is a cunt move, thats how he makes a living and its not like he is keith jackson) then it got removed proving it was indeed, a cunt move now your shouting about prescedents post a DR article then if your so firm on your prescedents
  8. Still fucking raging to be honest. Gerrard should put in a call to his wee pal Klopp and find oht how he would get past the low block because he cant figure it out. Im at the stage where he needs to learn and adapt or just fuck off. Ross Wilson i hope is doing his job and getting a list of candidates together because i don't see Gerrard seeing out the season
  9. Please just no Helander in the team, he gives me the fear. One ball in behind him and were in serious trouble.
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