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  1. Interested to know who the 3 new scottish investors are
  2. Thought the boy lyon was highly rated hope he isn't one that is released
  3. We will only see a significant increase in revenue in 2020 when sky and BT decide who wants the old firm games more. With bt taking the champs league off sky we could see the offers bumped up I think
  4. Personally think he needs a rest for a game or two. I cant remember the last time he didnt play. He's an all action type of player with his closing down and he does a lot of running for a big built guy. Give him a wee rest to recharge and I think he and us will benefit
  5. I would take a last minute deal for crooks right now and be happy with January business
  6. Wonder if this sweetens any possible deal we may try and do for sow if we are helping develop the boy for 6 month. Imy sure MW will be asked why he's brought him in on loan after his previous comments
  7. He's a young guy who was the best young player in this division last season going by the stats. He will fit in well. I doubt the MOH deal will happen now and I think from now until the end of the window MW will be after a DM possibly on loan until crooks arrives in the summer. Let's not panic and start slating people left and right. Let's look at it as we have signed a good young player for the team. Who gives a fuck if he goes back to hearts better?. Let's do what MW says and focus on ourselves. Don't worry about other teams. Let other teams worry about us
  8. I remember windass was liking lots of rangers stuff when we were first linked. Would be good to get these two wrapped up especially crooks for a bit of physicality in midfield
  9. Funnily enough arsenal have apparently asked about mahraez at Leicester. They have all but agreed a deal to sign a defensive midfielder called mohammed elneny from based. And wenger said yesterday they will be busy in January for sure
  10. Had a few kick abouts with Craig bryson now of Derby county
  11. The wankfest over hazard last season was hilarious. Flattered to deceive ?
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