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  1. Looking forward to this, c'mon the Famous Glasgow Rangers. 2 - 0
  2. Could, should have been out of sight in the first 20 mins. Games got a fair bit of tension left in it to go, take 2 - 1 now!
  3. Lolz, beating the bottom club, is not for everyone
  4. With the exception of Jacks goal, its a game that wont last long in the memory. Onward to Antwerp on Thursday,
  5. He's a fantastic young player, but he's a Chelsea player, we''ve been down the loanee route before! Much prefer we develop our own players, also there's three new players coming in this summer.
  6. Alfie's been great for our club, carried us in Europe for two seasons providing much needed income which has enabled Steven Gerrard the opportunity to restructure and build a much stronger squad. Moving forward I can see Itten and Roofe being the main strikers next season with Alfie being moved in the summer. On a personal note I love him to bits in a Rangers shirt.
  7. Missed Arfield and Jack, never in control of the midfield, made it difficult to play to our strenghs. Need both back for the run in. Alfie needs a stretch on the bench.
  8. Kamara and Aribo unplayable at times, Roofe and Alfie done the business first half, and big Halander solid at the back with some excellent distribution. Never in doubt after the second goal. We move on with confidence.
  9. Need to get use to it, its what we will see home and away for the rest of the season. Its up to Rangers to break them down.
  10. That aged me about 20 years. Massive result, great character and strength to get the win
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