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  1. Never mind the fans; Lennon sounds like he might be at the Erskine Bridge tonight
  2. That was Tremendous, Lennon looks like hes about to start crying
  3. I almost hope some of the Hibs players get COVID-19; that would properly fuck celtic
  4. "We've stuck 9 years of banter in the microwave" - line of the week
  5. This should be a couple of hours of fun
  6. Should just start it now; be plenty of loons to call in
  7. Fuck me the commentary team might as well get their cocks out they're that in love with celtic
  8. Morelos with two broken legs would have put that away
  9. Haha; they just can't hold onto a 2-0 lead
  10. Loving these Thursday nights watching celtic pundits have to explain their performance while Ibrox is belting out the tunes
  11. He was on the UCL Goals show yesterday; struggling to see out of his grey eyebrows
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