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  1. Wasn’t there stories yesterday after the news that Ancelotti was away that Moyes hasn’t actually signed the extension yet? Still be pretty shitty to renege on it though
  2. Clyde 1 has been comedy gold at times this season; I have to agree with you on Keevins; had no time for him before but he is calling them out for exactly what they're doing. Its abundantly clear that celtic haven't a clue; Howe either strung them along hoping a Premier League job came along or was never interested at all but leaving it until now to have a plan B is a joke; even a dull, boring Plan B
  3. Gattuso sacked at Napoli; seems a bit harsh even if they did bottle it; he’s been linked with replacing Pirlo at Juventus next!
  4. Glad to see Patterson in but that's a terrible video; the media intern clearly had too much time on their hands
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