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  1. Anyone know how many fans spokespersons will be on the gravy train?
  2. Are you getting a roll and soup ? Whitney is needing his travelling money and spends for NARSA unless it's coming out of our ST monies.
  3. I wonder who is leaking these stories to the press and as for.the idiot leaking that video from the scums toilets. You are a fucking traitor.
  4. Well Done Rangers. Proud to be a Bear. God bless our Armed Forces. GSTQ. WATP
  5. regan, Petrie, Liewell et al aren't we lucky ? Shower of corrupt bastards apparently.
  6. Anyone know why this isn't coming out of the RFFF? They were quick to offer it to CH.
  7. Imo we'll never get any justice from these proven liars as long as Mini, Furry and others at the club kowtow to these morons.
  8. As I have said on another thread this is exactly what the TFFF was for, not building a stand that the majority of the support will never use. I wonder if it will be called after Ally's financial adviser who just happens to be the RFFF chairman.
  9. Those two guys could teach the Blazers what class is. Good luck for the future.
  10. That he well deserves. I hope he stays.
  11. The man is a liability and I wouldn't let him near our young players.
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