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  1. To be honest mate anything on reeperbahn and beside the Tankstelle is just cheap and cheerful, ideal for a lads weekend! your hardly going to be in the hotel anyway! were only trying the centre for something a bit different! The Holiday inn St pauli we stayed in done fine, just ended up evacuated due to some of the boys we where with so 15 of us are now barred from it but thats a different story haha! Its easy enough to find the Tankstelle and london pub etc from their though if you can get that booked!
  2. No worries my man fire away haha!
  3. 13 of us going over next weekend for the Bayern Munich game. Its a bonkers place! go to the Tankestelle on the Reeperbahn, as soon as they hear your accents they fire the bigotry on and Mick that runs it sort you out for whatever you need! The Reeperbahn is pretty seedy and manky but it never sleeps for a bevvy! Also dirty woman everywhere you look if thats your thing haha! We stayed in the Holiday in in St Pauli the second time we went and it was a bit of a dump but near enough right on the Reeperbahn (even though the boozers round about it all had celtic crests in them) We ended up getting
  4. Excellent statement of intent from Warburton. Not only says hands off to possible suitors but a huge boost to the players confidence. Warburton clearly knows how to man manage and bring the best out of players and if he keeps things like this up the morale and harmony of the team is only going to grow.
  5. We dont sing TBB to be anti-catholic, we sing it because its something that has been sung for decades, because it gets the blood pumping and in our current state is a finger to every single bastard who has kicked us on our way down saying we will be back and we will never been treated like that again.
  6. All the typical characteristics of Warbs signings, player with huge potential losing their way a bit and needing a bit of guidance. Free transfer, well worth a punt. Read somewhere he was linked with Ajax at the same time he signed for Aston Villa, must have something in his locker!
  7. call me a skeptic but the fact hes been documented as a Rangers fan i think he was trying to be as harsh with us as humanly possibly so that the sticky tapes can bring in to question is professional integrity since they are more interested in our games than their own!
  8. Big Mo Edu in injury time, Ibrox went fucking bonkers!
  9. loving the fact this season im reading interviews from players/manager talking about football, results and how much they are enjoying the buzz about the club rather than the years of reading about financial meltdown and board troubles!!
  10. Newcastle have the right idea, pub called Nine, connected to the stadium, wetherspoons like cheap swally and grub would make a fortune for the club!
  11. Should be simply the best all day long, followed by come on over to my place by the drifters, makes me think of Edu against the filth and the full stadium rocking!
  12. undertaker and stephanie mcmahon comes to mind when i try and picture you doing that, work out who is who. Infiltrating Rangers Media before i go to spread the word of Jihad
  13. No worries mate! was it turkey you where in? they can only say no!
  14. Was thinking that after i booked it that there was rangers boozers in quite a few holiday places in Turkey except the one she picked Suppose i can just try and bribe someone with Lira and charm! to be honest no sound is better considering some of the commentary we need to deal with, Cheers mate!
  15. really dont know why i still talk to you. sometimes wish i had suplexed you down the Biology stairs when i had the chance.
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