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  1. They all did well when they came on , though I thought we were crying out for a Hagi in the last 20/25 minutes .
  2. He was superb tonight . Is he better than Balogun ? I truly don't know , they both have their own attributes . I'm just glad we have both , and whoever partners Goldson has never let the side down.
  3. gmcf

    Ryan Jack

    Stats tonight - 55/58 complete passes . Impressive, very impressive
  4. Aye , c....c would been expecting this month to catch up . Fuck'em
  5. FS , did I just dream that Roofe goal against Liege ?
  6. Aye , he's in complete denial . Wonder how he's taking it now
  7. Jack releasing Hagi ( i think even Itten gets a touch ) is quality , so is Hagi's cut back and Jack's finish . But to pass the ball all over the pitch , prodding and not losing possession really is outstanding . This is what John Hughes said after today - “We were up against a top class team, I hope all my players come back and say ‘that’s how to play football.’
  8. Thought it was a cracker at the time with just the final few passes , but seeing it in all its glory it really is something else .
  9. I think both McGregor and Arfield were signed before he came .
  10. Tough one , but I've gone for Kamara , though if it wasn't do early I might have gone for Roofe .
  11. Think I'd start with today's team . Quietly confident . Edit . Just saw their score today - noisily confident now .
  12. Really couldnt choose between him and Balogun . Just glad whoever is picked , always does well alongside Goldson .
  13. What were we , 5 points ahead (not including games in hand ) at the start of this ? And now potentially 14 . Better month than we all thought
  14. Cracking player. As some have said he lacks a bit of consistency , but his skills are second to none when opening up a defence .
  15. Unlucky Aribo . You actually saw him acknowledge the ball with a nod before the corner was taken.
  16. Excellent performance. Good to see Aribo back to his old self. Must be thinking about giving Roofe a run out so he's ready for Wednesday . With the amount of possession inside their box id consider playing Defoe as well .
  17. Too many to count tbh . Particularly how many good signing I thought we'd made in the lower divisions . I'm not going to embarrass myself by going through them all
  18. I think we'll have a good performance here today . I think Wednesdays result with the tarriers will have relieved a lot of pressure .
  19. At last , 6 days is for too long a wait for games . Luckily we had Wednesday's Comedy Hour to keep us going. 3-0 Bears today .
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