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  1. It does look horrific but tbf it wasn't just a team we had to replace after the PC era , it was a squad . And with very little money , so the quality, particularly in the beginning was always going to be temporary and something to improve on year on year . I'd agree with the 16-18 mark , but I'd say he has a not too bad success rate if it was players you would have chosen as FirstXI players we were considering .
  2. Saturday , for the first time , I thought we'd finally clicked . It just makes it all the more frustrating .
  3. Spent most my Friday night trying to get them off there but got stuck at the same point each time . My mate was successful , but woke up on the Saturday to his money being refunded . There's certainly a way , I've just not found it yet 😶
  4. Nah . Tried stubhub on Friday but , as you said , fucked with a UK address . Assuming best chance will be in Copenhagen itself .
  5. Wouldn't have made much difference if we'd converted some of the chances we should gave converted
  6. Its certainly an issue , we could see it coming yesterday and there was no reason for it , as I thought we'd played very well before that. But for some reason , if we're not a couple of goals up by 70 minutes , we look as if we decide to just hold on to what we've got , and invite the opposition on top of us . Fine if we're good enough to succeed , but we're clearly not , as its happened far too often .
  7. Absolutely, like I say we played as good as I've seen so far this season for the first hour or so , but we're struggling to see games out . And not for the first time either .
  8. A funny kind of game . For the first hour or so I thought we played quite well , certainly the best we've played this season , but after that it was like flicking a switch and suddenly we panicked , started defending deeper and deeper , inviting Hearts on top of us , before the inevitable happened. I dont think Gerrard's substitutions were the right calls , and he's got some big decisions to make , particularly regarding Tavanier , Barrisic and Goldson who are shadows of the players they were last season.
  9. Aye , just kept him as I thought he was quite amusing . I'll look it up , but I can imagine it if you've upset the tartan hordes
  10. Must have missed that , been working away from home just now . Actually thought I'd followed you on twitter a while ago before realising it was a different dude
  11. You wonder why they have UEFA representatives at games .
  12. Well that's true . Pity , because I think this has backfired on him somewhat.
  13. I'm surprised we didn't once I saw that we were trying to replicate the past.
  14. It does get it out there though . I reckon most people will be aware of this through twitter more than anywhere else .
  15. Weve been saying this for years mate , it doesn't work .
  16. You'll no see humza - there's a health crisis going on .
  17. Should have been done years ago once it became obvious we were their only target.
  18. Expect to hear the same outrage next time Radio Clyde play Beach Boys' Sloop John B .
  19. Aye , no great 2nd half comeback this time by the look of things . We're no better than the 1st . Very poor performance.
  20. Disappointing . We'd losing this right now if it wasn't for Craig Gordon .
  21. Wish these cunts would play a different tune .
  22. 👍 . One of the commentators summed up Wilder well , when he said he has no jab because he forgotten how to use it ( having previously never needing to ) and now just relies on that big right .
  23. Brilliant fight but hope to see Fury fight someone else next time .
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