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  1. Can't see the Czechs picking him just to serve a ban . At least I assume that's the way it would work.
  2. Pretty poor tbh , very sloppy . Typical end of season , title won kinda game . Don't want to be too harsh because we've had a great season , but we're going to have to step it up for next week .
  3. Wee bit lackadaisical since we took the lead , perhaps even lazy.
  4. I'm assuming by subsequent posts this is a load of shite then ?
  5. £2 on Potters Corner to win . Last of the big spenders
  6. I think that was a major factor but it was also Walter Smith's first full season in charge with his own ideas , so could be a bit of both .
  7. Not a lot between them , but forced to pick one its Goram for me .
  8. Aye , SG owned him there . I would have loved him to get the job , sadly it doesn't look like its happening.
  9. Any outside chance kennedy thought he was getting the c....c job just went right there . Don't know whether to laugh or cry tbh .
  10. Yeah , I'm sure he did. Aye , we were all looking forward to the WC and , at that time , feeling pretty positive on what looked a good draw for us .
  11. Memories ! I think that was the start of the slide to Scotland having a poor World Cup a few months later . It was pretty upbeat before that .
  12. It was . 5-0 I'm sure.
  13. I remember being at John Greig's . A sell out which I'm sure was a world record at the time , might even still be . Quite an achievement when you think of some of the players at that time .
  14. Thats just weird . A chance to show off our game to the general public lost , I guess , for a bit of money .
  15. Surprised the Rangers game wasn't on BBC .
  16. It makes sense . Obviously its different in league games where goal difference comes into effect , but in cup games when the game's over ( 3+ goals ) I wouldnt play any injury time as the only thing that can happen is picking up unnecessary injuries for either team .
  17. Yeah , I wouldnt play any . Yould be raging picking up a serious injury 3 minutes into injury time , when the game is effectively over at 4 goals up .
  18. Its a shame , but I think you could be right . It seems to be 2 months on , 1 month off and its difficult to get a bit of continuity with that . He's ideal for European games and the more difficult domestic games where we have to be more careful , and its so disheartening that when they come up he is often unavailable . With a bit of luck they'll find out what the problem is , but i fear the worst which would be a pity as he's one of our top performers.
  19. Terrible idea. Its bad enough already with the division of wealth between teams but , as others have mentioned , this will just kill off several leagues . Most nations should just drop out / boycott , and let the top 5 nations have an annual play off . They would need to call it something else as it would no longer represent the ' Champions League ' .
  20. Disappointing , really needed a win to get us back in the group . Only 2 games in and were struggling to keep up already .
  21. Yeah , its a must win game , specially after not winning at Hampden against Austria . Need to be more attack minded which isn't really Clarkes strength .
  22. Dragging ourselves back into this game ,we were under the cosh there for a while.
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