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  1. Didn't have the honour to watch him in the flesh but met him a few times and was akways a true gentleman. Rest easy jaws
  2. When he got his stitches in when it first happened the doc left 2 parts of his clothes inside him and that's what cause the infection
  3. He ended up needing an op yesterday so hopefully out tomorrow
  4. Still up at the Queen Elizabeth on IV antibiotics so hopefully this is the last night so we can get back home
  5. Count me in as soon as am away from hospitals.
  6. I was expecting mine to come out yesterday but after looking back at my confirmation email the payments are end of June July and August. I had to make first payment when I renewed.
  7. It's a tattie gun compared to my volks and pistol
  8. Aye you get a wee bit excited at times
  9. We were experimenting by that stage
  10. We didn't even get out of first gear
  11. No panic more a case of making folk aware not to be as stupid as I was having ma card linked to my account
  12. Just got an email from Sony that my password had been successfully reset, followed by another confirming £180 of transactions. Cant access my account as both password and email been changed, and can't speak to Sony till their lines open at 11.30
  13. Thrilling stuff by the sounds of it
  14. You'll just need to wait like the rest of us
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