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  1. Katic is a far bigger threat at set pieces. I think defensive wise theres not alot in it but I'd prefer Katic for the rest of the season.
  2. And if I see it I'll say Koh Samui when we beat Motherwell 6-0. Other most exotic places are Lanzarote, Ibiza and Campbeltown.
  3. I'll try and find a smart TV and just smart view it 😂😂
  4. We're actually going to a Thai boxing event the Mora. As much as I think ur post is tounge in cheek 😂
  5. I would mate but we're here for a wedding and off out on a stag do tomorrow. If all else fails Iv got a sub for RTV but 10 guys crowding round a phones naw that practical 😂👍
  6. It's the familys on mopeds that got me. 2 parents, a 6yr old and a 3 month old baby all on a wee 50cc scooter, hitting aboot 70mph in the town centre at rush hour 😂😂
  7. I'm only gona be in Koh Samui so bit far to go for a game 😂 I'm sure I'll find somewhere, place is a bit mad right enough
  8. I actually thought that after I posted it 😂😂
  9. See what happens when u dont have fairies like Murty and Pedro cuddling they're manger at the end of an old firm defeat. This is how it should be. Fuck they cunts
  10. Anyone know of any Gers pubs to watch the game tomorrow night out here? Not seen much about the place apart from few Tim bars which I doubt will be showing it.
  11. Being a bit quick on this one.
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