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  1. I'd just like to go to a game and no get life threatening heartburn from a pie.
  2. That would be brilliant. Finished his playing career a loser and start his management career a loser.
  3. Teams can sign a free agent any time but can't register them until the next window.
  4. By the why did they pick a guy just back from the dentist to narrate that?
  5. Aye but mind they've got three games in hand and we'll collapse in January.
  6. Tbf that's unprofessional from the HM prison service.
  7. It's technically a night club so you'll need a passport.
  8. Plus about 50 million in waste and corruption.
  9. Think this season will come down to results against them. They won't drop that many points to the rest this season even though they aren't very good the rest are absolute wank.
  10. He's pretty much thier only viable striker. Ajetti is wank and this new Greek guy hasn't kicked a ball for about 6 months. Think he's had the equivalent of 16 full games in his career.
  11. With all due respect, and I do respect you given your age and length of time you've supported Rangers, you live on the other side of the world. You've no idea what Scotland is now. You've no right to an opinion on how we should think or feel. We're on the front line living this every day. For you it's a world away. A world you don't k ow or understand anymore.
  12. As a non ST holding, non away game attending, non member of an RSC, I can, with the utmost confidence say, if you vote SNP you are not welcome in the Rangers support and never will be again. Even if you see the light that transgression is unforgivable.
  13. Given everything that's going on we shouldn't be letting non members view any part of the forum. I'd also say stop any new members signing up temporarily and ban any member with zero posts. Let's protect ourselves first and foremost.
  14. I think he will be really important for them as well. But this season he has already played about 40 games. Don't think he'll manage the another 40 odd.
  15. No because them failing doesn't make us a better team. We're poor at best atm and I don't see the point in pretending we're not for bravado.
  16. Doesn't matter how shit thier defense is. Ours is pish at the moment and we're struggling to score. Advantage is undoubtedly with them.
  17. They did. Hearts scored 2 of a about 4 attempts. The tims defence is shite but they could and should have been 4 up by 20 mins.
  18. Spastic move if true. Simpson is garbage, Balogun is shaky at best. Both Goldson and Helander probably won't be here next season.
  19. Has this been hacked along with titanfall? I've been fucked off titanfall 2 and it's got something to do with whatever Apex is.
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