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  1. Let them try and get it cancelled, we stand our ground...3 point to us!!!
  2. New from Gordon Wood: So John Beattie Drivetime & BBC Scotland can give a voice to a victim as long as it does not involve celtic Football Club? This reinforces, as far as I am concerned the decision to silence me was made by Kevin Kellys daughter, Clair Kelly, for no other reason than protecting that club? Quote Tweet sent out today... Thompsons Solicitors Scotland @TalkToThompsons "Listen to @BBCRadioScot @BBCJohnBeattie Drivetime show this afternoon to hear Marion Reid, survivor of abuse at Fornethy House and our client, speak about her experience there and her campaign
  3. Gordon Woods: Lots of talk about possible compensation from those covering up. They will soon realise we are not following the compensation. It's justice, accountability and safety going forward for all the little children we seek and that can only be achieved through courts of law.
  4. So when will you hear the voices of the victims of #CelticBoysClubChildAbsueScandal - Nicola Sturgeon & Humza Yousaf? We’ve been asking for your help since November 18 yet you continue to ignore each & everyone of these brave men and their families. Their voices matter! #JusticeForCelticsBoys 💚💙⚽️ Ruth Davidson pressing this in the Scottish Parliament.
  5. Spotlight likening them to Penn State: Throughout the decades of abuse at celtic FC/celtic Boys Club many individuals had the opportunity to protect present and future children. Sadly anyone that tried to help was forced out of the club leaving the perpetrators free to continue their abuse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9XpQeG88zw #JusticeForCelticsBoys 💚💙⚽️
  6. No charge, no surprise there, corrupt to the core!!! If that was a Rangers player two match suspension at least...
  7. More damning coverage of the cfc/cbc cover up... Upping the Output
  8. Looks like things are about to get interesting.
  9. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-hamilton-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  10. Did the tour a few years back and standing in the home dressing room was really eerie... just ozed history, those from the past to this day. Nice to see they have kept the traditional and mixed it with the present and I like what has been done. Would be nice for the 150th anniversary if the players got off the bus all suited and booted wearing Bowler hats, just as a throwback back to the original use of the hooks (would make great photos bus/dressing room).
  11. His salty tears of bitterness that he scored twice and is constantly reminded of it tastes so sweet .
  12. Nice sentiment from Greg and I wish him all the best in his career away from us. He will always be able to reflect that he played for the club he loves, something I and most of our support will never do but it also dose not deminish our love for the same club. Will happily welcome him back as a supporter in the stands as the feeling I get watching The Rangers is second too none.
  13. The Times seem to be digging deep, if they're linking Savile now (understadely), there is possibly more to come from them regarding the connection he had with cfc/cbc...
  14. Think the link was McCafferty to Bennell...however Savile was hanging around on about the same timeline has to be suspect!!!
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