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  1. Vs Ajax. Revenge for 1996 would be very pleasing. Might even eclipse the memories of my Dad's anger and disappointment at the time, a reaction that is inevitably tied to the Champions League theme in my head
  2. Man U pls. My flatmate love them and we both want that fixture so we can make a wager
  3. Yearning to go back. Next season will be a real treat!
  4. Yearning to go back. Next season will be a real treat!
  5. I'm so happy mate, to be honest. Hope you're having a great night too
  6. Good thing he did this silly thing under a guy like Gerrard. A guy who can bring him back into contention and allow him to redeem himself
  7. Absolutely mate. There's no doubt how much it has made life much better for all bears during this time, perfect timing.
  8. Who saw that coming? I've said before, some bear found a magic lamp and had 2 wishes, we dominate and they're pure shite. Only explanation imo
  9. Gerrard man, what a guy. Can't disagree about the greatest of all time tbh
  10. With each Gerrard interview he becomes more godlike, he's actually done it. I mean almost. But he's done it. And I hope to fuck he stays for a few seasons and has the time of his life. I think he'll be here for a while personally. Love Stevie
  11. I was just thinking that, the ultimate reward is yet to come. Which makes it even more fantastic!
  12. I don't want this season to end, it's football perfection for me. Watching Rangers this season has booted lockdown blues firmly into touch. Huge gratitude to Gerrard/Beale/McAllister/King and all the players for what they've done, after the last decade of disappointment we've all been rewarded in the best way. I look at this squad and can't see us losing to anyone (although we might), we can have a good go at anyone we might meet in the next round. And we are utterly dominant domestically. What a glorious year to be a bear.
  13. Kent was superb tonight, love the guy!
  14. Huge credit to Gerrard for slinging him back into the fray. Gave him a chance to redeem himself and he really did. Bodes well for the boy. I am a believer in second chances and the guy deserves our support imo
  15. So good to hear him speak! Absolute monster on the park for us, big love for Alfredo
  16. Amazing Alfie! Involved in 8 out of the 9 goals.
  17. Been an absolute godsend during lockdown, made it far more bearable
  18. That's a very snappy McCoist/Laudrup suit jacket, very bold choice indeed!
  19. Would like to see him and Jamie Milligan have a go at each other
  20. I have bills to pay. I work too much.
  21. All these Lennon soundbites with the SSB theme make it sound like Curb Your Enthusiasm or something
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