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  1. Whilst I agree with the sentiment it's clutching @ straws for me, pointless statement from a pointless, toothless organisation trying to remain relevant. How many fans will actually see it? 10%, 20%? If anyone, the club should be releasing these sort of statements for maximum coverage & impact on those "journalists"(cough cough) mentioned. Fan ownership/proper representation is a pipe dream for a club our size in Scotland as has been proven time & time again. Bottom line is as long as we perform on the pitch none of this shit matters to your average fan, I think most of us already know where we stand with the media currently but I think we also know that once we get back to winning their stance has to & will change as that's what they do & always have. I don't want us to become "professional victims" like the bheasts have been for years...poor us? Fuck that! just makes it an even bigger GIRFUY when the tide turns as it inevitably will. Disband this waste of space/time/effort/money before it ultimately, embarrassingly collapses again in full public view much to the amusement of our detractors AGAIN. Oh & who the f... are SVL? just another entity to confuse the everyday Rangers fan!
  2. I know, he's a mentalist, even more bullshit out of him now than the king of bullshit himself fast car eddie who's actually looked a little embarrassed @ times I've seen em interviewed together since Haye
  3. Can't see it myself, Bellew won the lottery with the Haye fight, Haye had one leg hence no power in any punches, this "power" shite from Bellew is just that "shite" watch the cleverly fight where he sat on the ropes for 6 rounds & bellew couldn't do shit to get him outta there..a matchroom/sky/media hypejob who got mega lucky due to circumstances(don't grudge him it) imo of course. He was actually quite likeable pre Haye fight but now hes utterly deluded & really fucking annoying if I'm honest.
  4. Fuck Tom English! he has no credibility when writing regards Rangers.
  5. Agreed! heard Hearn say the other week his next fight is either a rematch with Haye or a world title fight @ heavyweight..personally think he loses both no matter who the heavyweight is.
  6. Bang average! I couldn't tell you what his best position is either, can't defend, can't cross, doesn't like a tackle, has flashes of "something" occasionally but generally frustrates watching him.
  7. Scary to be honest..Billy Davies or Alex Mcleish? well one is an odball with dodgy mates & the other well the "Alex Mcleish fans" will be happy...neither are good managers of football clubs..see their records for confirmation...Davies has done nothing in 10yrs & Eck is probably the luckiest Rangers manager in my lifetime.
  8. xbox tag= LostSoulForever only really do racing games or golf, currently forza horizon 3 & dirt rally the games of choice
  9. Mcleish? take it you were not around when he was signing the dan eggen's & egil ostenstads of the football world ffs...a very very lucky Rangers manager & one I wouldn't welcome back except as a guest.
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