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  1. New maps today anyone on pc search UP server and just holler I'll give u discord there's 10 of us on the now.
  2. Aye PC I'll be on later at a party so play better pished ??
  3. If your ever in search UP server that's one run by clan and no hackers as loads of admin which helps and also discord channel ??
  4. I play with a clan and the lad who runs it has contact with EA and the bugs won't be fixed for 2weeks. Some of the maps are superb and wee run all on our server but even map voting is fucked churning same maps ever other vote. Is BF5 not out June I think not sure what era but Vietnam would be good ?
  5. These new maps are hideous and hit reg is fucked they ain't fixed the twitching bug. So much they need to fix but always seem to fuck it up some how.
  6. The new map is dog shite anyone on PC feel free to add me I flutter between this and division.
  7. Christ the stuff sung on a buses is jail bait but full of swally is always great fun I wouldn't dwell to much on it.
  8. As a youngster in West Enclosure it was easy to get caught up in as you usually had many from other clubs in with us. Like I say was a wee lad and full of bravado but was fucking brilliant!
  9. I will be honest I joined in at that 1 game after that it never was sung again put it down to being young n daft nothing more and wouldn't sing it again now but in the 90's you could sing what you wanted without repercussion.
  10. It was when I learned the song about a plane at as a young 14yr old I have no idea how it stuck in my head as we never sang it after
  11. Many lads from NI support them its cause of Best it took me a back 1st time I was over as always remember skelping them about central after 1990 friendly
  12. Fucking hackers galore on PC and that automatico is pain in arse as everyone using it. Jumping between this and Division the now.
  13. Have you had another game yet? So much better really enjoying it and you wont need to grind anything like before and PVP in DZ is now more tactical as you want a healer in your group when going rogue and you will amount shit loads. If you want my mates name on xbox he will help you just let me know I will pm his name as cant put it on forum.
  14. I don't have any of the DLC will see how it goes as can get it all for £29.99 now but CJS keys has it for £23 for season pass. https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/search.php?search_query=division&x=0&y=0
  15. If you have It do the updates and go for a wander see what you think. I have a mate who is xbox Division player it is all he plays and would help no probs to get you geared up he only had 3 items or some shit to get the last I spoke to him.
  16. I played with a group and are all back on. Just updated it there I really hope its better as the actual graphics are class. I think we are going to grind the Dark Zone tomorrow as its been expanded plus they have sorted the hackers out so be interesting. If your on PC and fancy it let me know there will be 3 of us on tomorrow putting a session in.
  17. Supposedly they have sorted all the main issues and is now very good so updating and seeing how it goes.
  18. Did there stadium announcer just boo over tannoy cause City had ball or was I hearing things
  19. Wasn't sure if it was Ajax got shit memory but they produced the top stars if I remember correctly during 90's as you say. I can't see Man City getting a goal and they have been unreal in EPL or could be a stormer of a 2nd half goals galore
  20. Was it not always Ajax producing the young talent for years but this team is something else they really are fantastic to watch.
  21. Anyone been in Monaco stadium it doesn't look anything special considering the location.
  22. The only CW games to have an opening and closing ceremony at different locations. Now the CO-OP is in shit will this affect these cunts or will they still have charity interest rates they get?
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