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  1. I never understood this being used as some sort of negative, any he man fan will know right away that castle greyskull is were the good guys are from
  2. Would it be wishful thinking that the new gaffer has something to do with this
  3. Some armchair Richard goughs on here ffs, young lad still learning his trade, far from the polished article but he gives it his all, nothing fancy gets the ball and gets rid of it
  4. I know with admin 20 looking this may be irrelevant but will this traditional ceremony still be carried out at our first home game even though it will be a few weeks from the new year
  5. Ahhhh the spelling police, the clutching at straws of a wanker
  6. When you see a so called seasoned professional refusing to do a simple stretch exercise to assess an injury you know the games up, hopefully that's him finished
  7. Met him once in the Bristol bar when over for the big walk, he stood for pictures autographs for ages, he eventually left 11 of us in the kitty and he had out 50 quid behind the bar for us will never forget that
  8. The manager made a sub he scored, the other player who people want hauled off played his part in setting up a goal, site is full of mentalists
  9. Read it through the gaps in your fingers
  10. Have we slipped that far behind in every department that out of a four man wall not one of the useless pricks jumped, that is schoolboy stuff for fucks sake
  11. Nail on the head, some off our fans think that playing to the gallery with other fans from other clubs will make then change there opinion on us, thick bastard's will never realise that we are seen as bigots and that opinion bwill never change
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