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  1. Don't have time mate for all that, I understand the way it goes though. thanks for that though.
  2. With the reception on here so far I am glad I did 😊 I think I will just sneak off quietly thanks anyway🏃‍♂️
  3. Well at least that is straight to the point, leaving me no reading between the lines 🤣
  4. 🤔what a wonderful place Rangers forums can be
  5. Would you ask a guitarist to play at a march? 😋
  6. It won't be a full on concert/gig. All will be revealed when it is set up and we can run with it
  7. I really do hope these are not as funny as they come. 🙄
  8. Looking for performers. It's not a re-emergence of WATP Sessions, similar idea but different concept PM. If interested.
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