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  1. I think he'll get an assist for that. Fannies.
  2. That's the worst limerick I've ever seen.
  3. So many experienced managers out there looking for work not least Big Eck and they go for Ferguson.Mental. Hope it works out for him but just cant see it.
  4. Pretty sure he loves the attention so its not as if its a chore for him.
  5. Can Falcao move to EPL? There was talk of problems before due to dual ownership. Has Remys rape allegation gone away? If not would Newcastle be prepared to shell money out with that hanging over him?
  6. Remember Nakamura won POTY for being a one trick pony that scored a few free kicks. Adam scored more free kicks that season including one against the Manky Mob under the wall making Boruc look like a cunt. He was decent for us when played centrally. He was excellent for Blackpool. Liverpool was above him. A good player who will comfortably stay in the EPL.
  7. Fair enough.I try not to acknowledge anything that happens in a defeat against them.Even struggle with wins against them in seasons we didn't go on and win the league.
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